Electing for different endeavors: how to have a productive election day as a minor


I think we can all be in agreement when I say that this election is one of the most disturbing things that people in this country have experienced. Probably the worst part about this election for students is that they cannot vote and have limited say in what the outcome be. So, when Nov. 8 rolls around, those under 18 are practically left to wallow as they leave the fate of the country for the next four years in the hands of the legal adults in this country. Instead of worrying of the election though, here are some things you can do to keep your mind off of the stressful day.
One option would be to get friends under 18 together and have an all day workout session. The North Potomac Community Center just opened and they have a youth open gym that is open on Election Day. After you take your turn on all of the equipment you can head on over to the new Lifetime Fitness club that opened in Gaithersburg and use your free trial to spend the day taking spin classes. During the end of the quarter homework can suck up your time like a sea cucumber, so working out sometimes is pushed aside for a while. This activity will let you blow off some steam as you await for our nation’s judgment day and also be able to get back in the swing of your fitness routine and maybe even allow you to find a new place to workout.
If you are not in the mood to work out, you could go to the Clarksburg Premium Outlets that opened on Oct. 27. According to each candidate, his or her opponent will wreck the economy, so splurge now on the sales and treat yourself. Being able to control your money will give you the sense of control that you lack in this election.
I know what some of you are thinking: “I’m broke, you fool.” Well, there is another thing you can do on Election Day that is absolutely free. If you haven’t heard, the giant panda Bao Bao will be leaving the Smithsonian National Zoo in early 2017 to go back to China, according to nationalzoo.si.edu. Pandas can solve practically any worry in the world with their fluffiness. Election Day is the perfect time to go say bye to Bao Bao before she departs our country. You can even live vicariously through her as she escapes America’s problems. While going to the zoo will cause you to be closer to politics that make this day so horrible, it also brings you closer to Obama, the great and wise warden of the land.
If you are feeling particularly distraught during this election, you could always check out the senior bake sale that is taking place outside of this school on Election Day. There will be plenty of goodies and one of the best methods to deal with your pain is to indulge in some sweets.


Sarah Fagan

Profiles Editor