Senioritis: Seeking cure, one nap at a time


Although the school year has just begun, senioritis is already beginning to conquer seniors.
According to Urban Dictionary, senioritis is a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. The symptoms of senioritis are laziness, lack of motivation, tendencies to skip class and having an apathetic attitude when it comes to school.
The multiple stages of senioritis that range from somewhat lazy to extremely lazy.
The first stage of senioritis is excitement. Seniors are excited to rule the school and finally leave their hellish high school experiences behind them.
The word “senior” tends to remind seniors of graduation. “I am very excited to finally walk across the stage at the DAR Constitution hall, which is something I have been looking forward to since kindergarten,” senior Dharma Keppitipola said.
The second stage is described by laziness and indifference to schoolwork.
Students show their carelessness by blowing off homework assignments, not studying for tests and even procrastinating their college applications. Although students in all grade levels tend to procrastinate, seniors take it to a whole different level. If an assignment is due tomorrow, seniors will do one of two things: either complete the assignment the morning before it is due or not turn it in at all.
The third stage of senioritis can be summarized in one word: sweatpants. Other pants become almost nonexistent and seniors find themselves washing the same sets of sweatpants everyday. “I honestly do not feel like putting in the effort to plan out a cute outfit for school so I end up wearing the same sweatpants at least three days of the week,” senior Ruchi Nanda said.
The fourth stage is having the urgency to sleep all day long. Since seniors have adapted to a lazy mindset, they have basically forgotten that homework exists and have preoccupied their minds with wanting to fall asleep. “When I’m in class, I usually want to take out a pillow and and blanket and just go to sleep,” senior Alex Li said.
The fifth and final stage of senioritis is being absent at school multiple times a week. Seniors skip class to stay at home and accomplish nothing. Although you are supposed to bring in absence notes, seniors eventually become lazy enough not to even bring them in.
Good luck seniors, only 246 days until we take DAR.


Smriti Gupta

Front Page Editor