Activity expo showcases old, new clubs


Amidst a rigorous school schedule, sports practices and community service activities, high school can make it difficult to find time to partake in other activities. For the students who manage to find time within their busy schedules, participating in school clubs allows them to find other people who share similar interests. The activity fair on Sept. 22 gave students the opportunity to learn about all the clubs offered at the school.
A new club featured this year at the expo was United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). The organization was established by the United Nations to help children in need. The club was started by senior Grace Lee. “I hope through the UNICEF club I can advocate and fundraise for these children living in underdeveloped nations,” Lee said.
Another relatively new club was the Red Cross Club. Formed last year by senior Gurbani Singh, the club works closely with the local Red Cross chapter. Members get the opportunity to participate in service activities while making an impact in the community.
Aside from humanitarian clubs, the school also has academic clubs. The Chemistry Club aims to “get students excited about chemistry by doing demos and hands-on experiments” according to senior president Nathan Kau.
In addition to the sports teams here, sports-related clubs also exist. The sports clubs allow students to participate in their favorite sports without having to worry about tryouts and cuts. A new sports club created this year is the table tennis club, which was formed by sophomore Roy Ke. “This is a new club that I created in hopes of spreading knowledge about this unrecognized sport and helping people become better players,” Ke said.
Overall the expo was a success despite its rocky start. With only one lunch period to hold the expo, the Commons were quickly flooded with students, making it difficult to move around from table to table. “The Commons during the activity expo looked like the beginning of the purge with everyone trying to take shelter before they get killed,” Singh said.
The expo garnered a lot of attention from students and proved beneficial for clubs gaining new members. “We got a lot of interested students to sign up for the club during the expo. The expo is always a great way to advertise all the clubs offered at Wootton,” Singh said.


Maria Hafeez