Students’ wish granted, allowed to park at Rockshire


At the beginning of the school year the school did not have permission to park at Rockshire but on Sept. 9 the school received confirmation that students may park at Rockshire again.
Seniors who did not receive a permit were frustrated because they did not have a place to park at the beginning of the year, so they took the risk of being towed and park at Rockshire or the Korean church. Now that the school has gotten a permit to park at Rockshire, seniors do not have to take this risk anymore. The seniors who were not able to get parking spaces for the lower lot can park at Rockshire for this school year and not worry about getting towed or receiving a ticket, but they have to apply first to get the spot. “I am hoping to get a parking space at Rockshire next semester,” senior Nathan Sharpe said.
Giant Foods owns the parking lot and was subleasing to the school over the years. The school was unable to get a permit before the school year started due to the construction that was supposed to start, but now that construction is postponed, the school has gotten permission to park at Rockshire. The City of Rockville has been holding the permit to build townhouses at Rockshire because residents do not want another community of townhouses. Assistant Principal Joseph Mamana III said that residents desire stores like they have around Quince Orchard or the Kentlands. The owners want to build townhouses instead of stores because townhouses would have more value than the stores.
Students who play sports may need parking spaces more than others because they need a way to get home after their practice ends. Also if a student has an internship, they need a parking space because they have to leave during school to go to their internship and need a way of getting there. “I am hoping I can get a parking spot during my wrestling season so my mom does not have to pick me up,” junior Spencer Tritto said.


Eric Lee

Staff Writer