BenSpence has sixth music sense


Freshman Benjamin Fritz is nervously pacing back and forth behind the stage. The adrenaline is running through his veins as he prepares himself for the show. Although this is not his first time, he still is playing his music in front of hundreds of people, which would be nerve-wracking for anyone. The lights begin to dim and the crowd grows quiet. That’s his cue. All are curious as to who is coming out onto the stage. A person behind the scenes hits the strobe lights and excitement is unleashed from the audience. As Fritz takes the stage, it is his time to shine while entering his second home.
Fritz was only nine years old when he stumbled upon Electric Dance Music (EDM), not knowing it would soon became his whole world. Fritz fell in love with EDM when, “[He] first went to [his] neighbor’s house and thought it was the coolest thing and everything just escalated from there.”
At such a young age, Fritz found something that he would stick with and want to pursue. It has become his passion and with a lot of practice, hard work and skill he has achieved doing what he lives for. Fritz is an EDM DJ, which involves high beats per minute. Besides concentration and skill, the other necessities to be able to produce EDM include a computer, keyboard and other high tech equipment. As a part time music producer and DJ, he intends to have a half-day schedule next year as a sophomore so he can focus more on his music. As for college, Fritz has big plans to join a program which is “in between business and music so that way [he] can understand how to pursue [his] dream and do it by [himself],” he said.
Fritz is employed by a company called No More Boundaries that will soon require him to travel. He is also paid by them but declined to provide numbers. Between school, cross country and club soccer, Fritz still has time to attend and play at gigs and festivals like Ultra.
While at Ultra Fritz met other DJs and “It was the weirdest thing ever because I thought they would have been all hi, what’s up? But instead they were so shy and they don’t talk at all,” Fritz said.
Although he prefers to go by Benjamin with his peers, his name in the music industry is BenSpence. He has a soundcloud account and several albums, one called “The Electric Playhouse.” He also has other forms of social media like Twitter to promote his music. After seven hours of school and two exhausting hours of practice, Fritz still finds the time to record his music, his passion.
“Benjamin Fritz’s music has transformed the way I look at life, similar to the way Kanye West or Mozart affected music,” junior Mitchell Fanger said.


Ava Castelli

Staff Writer