#TotalWoottonMove: Mystery behind unofficial school twitter account revealed


The school’s unofficial Twitter account #TotalWoottonMove: Mystery behind unofficial school twitter account revealed
@woottonproblems gives updates on school news, sporting events and more. It’s run by two seniors every year and it has 2,085 followers and 1,880 tweets as of Sept. 6.
When important events, whether positive or negative, happen to other schools, the account typically sends out a tweet to show the school’s support: “It’s nice being able to scroll through my Twitter feed and get updates on what’s happening in school because it’s very easy to forget,” junior Gabriel Pollack said.
It has been a tradition here since the 2012-2013 school year, and each year it gets passed down to two seniors.
The account was started by seniors in the class of 2013, and once they passed it down it to the class of 2014, it became a tradition for it to be given to seniors, so the account can continue to live on.
On June 6 they tweeted, “Well this past year has been quite the ride. @KrispyKWP [Kyle Perel] and @JakeJohnst0n [Jake Johnston] signing off for now. This account has now been passed down.”
Last year was the only year that the people who ran it revealed themselves. Usually around the time the seniors graduate it is passed down to seniors of the following year, and they send out a tweet that different people now run the account, but not specifically who.
Those who are chosen to be in charge represent the school through athletics, SGA, senior planning or a number of other things. The kids must also be spirited and stand out, whether it’s at football games or any school activity. The account is meant to tweet things that are related to the school, and it’s not supposed to seem like two seniors run it.
“I like when funny tweets are sent out, and it makes it better that nobody knows who it is,” junior Trent Folk said.
Last year the @woottonproblems account didn’t post on the account often, but in years before that people posted on it frequently. In the second half of the school year, they went multiple weeks at a time without tweeting. This year, the new seniors who run it already sent out a tweet about how the air conditioning was broken. The gif of a man sweating profusely got 48 likes.
Although nobody knows who runs the account this year, there is a hope as they started out with a strong first tweet.


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