Boys Basketball: First round exit ends season, team set for rebound


For the first round of the playoff, the boys traveled to faced Richard Montgomery on Feb. 23.

The team had a hard time stopping the Rockets in the first half. The Patriots allowed 27 points and could not find their rhythm on offense in the first half. As half time came, the score was 27-22. The game was in the third quarter but the team still struggled on defense and allowed 33 points in the second half. With the top scorer, sophomore guard Kevin Ayissi-Etoh, out with an ACL injury, the team had a hard time keeping up with the Rockets’ offense and they were too much for the Patriots’ defense to handle as they lose 60-48, ending their season in the first round of playoffs. “I don’t think we played they way we wanted to and that’s why we lost,” senior center Sam Alborta said. Losing in the first round, two years in a row are showing that there needs to some changes made in the offseason.

The Patriots had their senior night against Whitman on Feb. 16. With only five seniors leaving, the team will not need to rebuild in the offseason. The offense had a hard time only scoring seven points in the first half. And the Vikings had a hard time as well, only scoring three points. The offense was able to pick it up in the third quarter, scoring 30 points. Warshaw was sidelined with cramps in the third quarter, but was able to come back in the fourth. The boys were not able to keep the Vikings from scoring in the fourth quarter, allowing 21 points and could not get the offense going as well. The team only scored nine points in the fourth quarter and lost the lead they had, ending 60-55. “It never feels good to lose the lead you had and lose the game,” junior forward Trey Wilson said.

The boys took on Northwood on Feb. 13. Northwood, winless this season, was not a difficult matchup for the team. The boys were able to play well defensively and only allow six points in the first half. As for the offense, they were able to score 37 points in the first half and were ahead 16 at the half. As Northwood picked up the pace on offense, the team had a harder time stopping them than the first half, allowing 34 points in the second half. But the Patriots’ offense was able to make up for their lack of defense in the second half. The boys won 76-55. “It always feels good to have back to back wins,” senior guard Ryan Warshaw said.


Eric Lee

Staff Writer