ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Recapping best winter teams


Peter Hechler

As spring comes around, the winter varsity sports teams and clubs come to an end.


Among the standout varsity teams this winter season was the bocce team, boys’ swim, and ice hockey. The bocce team was 4-1 during the regular season and placed 4th at states. The boys’ swim team was 3-2, and varsity hockey finished 10-3-1.


The school’s bocce team has always been one of the school’s most successful teams. Bocce teams all around the county include special education along with general education students that are part of the county’s growing corollary sports program. This program helps provide opportunities to students with and without disabilities to become varsity interscholastic athletes.


The boys’ swim team placed fourth at the 2018 Division Championships, seventh at the MPSSAA 4A/3A West Region Championships, and placed 18th out of 55 schools at the 2018 Washington Metro Championships. “It was cool being able to compete against so many schools, and had the chance to represent my own,” sophomore official swimmer Evan McLaughlin said.


The fact that the hockey club isn’t a technical school team angers many of the players on the team. “We spend a lot of our time outside of school dedicated to the team, whether it be for summer workouts, practices, or games just like many other school sports,” junior center Jake Smith said.  


Hockey fans are also upset that hockey isn’t an official team. “Hockey games are always some of the most fun games to go to, there are always a bunch of students there, and with a bunch of school spirit. I just don’t think it’s fair that the team doesn’t get the same recognition as some of the other sport teams,especially because they are good,” sophomore hockey fan Nate Gilkey said.


But winning isn’t always easy. There are varsity sport teams that struggled during the winter season, including the coed wrestling team, the coed indoor track team, and the boys’ basketball team. The wrestling team finished the season with a 3-10 record. The indoor track team got no wins this season with a 0-10 record. The boys’ basketball team finished the season with a 9-13 record.


The season didn’t satisfy the team. “Injuries hurt us this year, and losing five seniors next year is going to be tough. We just need to work hard, keep our heads up and move on,” sophomore point guard Jack Lvovsky said.


Josh Levine

Staff Writer