Trouble finding parking spots affects upperclassmen arrival time

Geoffrey Pisarra

One of the biggest challenges that upperclassmen face is finding parking spots so they can drive to school. For seniors, it is much easier to get a spot than it is for juniors because seniors have priority for parking. Even though juniors and seniors can both drive, juniors do not have as much of an opportunity to park as seniors do. There are only 183 spots available in the Wootton lot and 75 in the Rockshire lot, which makes the student parking situation difficult.

During the first semester there are fewer seniors who drive to school than second semester, which gives juniors the chance to park at Rockshire. However, in the second semester, more seniors drive to school, which usually eliminates the spots juniors can get.
Cynthia Cunningham, school secretary, is in charge of all of the parking applications that students submit. “We only have 183 spots at Wootton and 75 at Rockshire so unfortunately there are not enough spots for everyone to get,” Cunningham said.

Juniors consider the parking situation unfair because seniors get almost all of the spots first semester and leave none for juniors during the second semester. Even if fewer juniors get spots than seniors, they can still carpool with their friends to school. Without the opportunity to get a spot at Rockshire or Wootton, juniors such as Mollie Greenberg feel it is unfair to not get a chance to park close to school. “Even if only a limited number of juniors get Rockshire spots, that is still better than no juniors getting spots,” Greenberg said.

Seniors also have the opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment up the street at Montgomery College, which affects who gets parking priority. Dual Enrollment is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so on the days that there is no Dual Enrollment, those students come to school late. These students can’t take the bus at this point in the day so they need a parking spot in order to get to school. Students like senior Corinne Bregman take Dual Enrollment and enjoy the parking benefits that dual enrollment give. “I’m fortunate to get a parking spot at Wootton both semesters and I think dual enrollment helped ensure I had a spot in the Wootton lot,” Bregman said.

The parking situation is one of the most discussed issues before the school year begins and at the end of the first semester every year. As students get older, it is easier to find a ride to school because upperclassmen tend to have their licenses. Although the bus is always an option, driving to school is the more desired of the two and seniors get to experience that advantage. Mrs. Cunningham works hard to ensure the parking selection process is as fair and orderly as possible. “Parking is a senior perk that all students should be able to look forward to for their senior year,” Cunningham said.


Justin Fishman

Opinion Editor