Valentine’s Day: Celebrating day of love in love


The scent of chocolate, the smell of flowers float around in the air and are noticeable every time a person tries to breathe. The pleasant taste then enters their mouth after inhaling such a beautiful smell. Combine this with the love for another person and spending the day together: Valentine’s Day at its finest.

There are people who spend the day alone, but here there are plenty of couples who have the privilege of spending the day together. Each of these couples believe that having a significant other is important for Valentine’s day, and they also agree that keeping the relationship intact through this holiday is just as crucial, and extremely worth it. It is not easy, though, to maintain the relationship, especially in school.

There must be work put in by both sides for the relationship to work out so that they get the privilege of spending “the day of love” together. Freshman couple Ariya Johnson and Koen Beasley are both excited to see what’s in store for Valentine’s day. Beasley said, “I think having a person who I love and who loves me back is extremely meaningful for Valentine’s day. We can do a lot together and have fun without worrying about being lonely on such a special day.”

To make everything work in school “communication is key and it’s great knowing someone cares so much about me,” Johnson said. Both are looking forward to it with “nothing but joy and excitement,” Beasley said.

Another couple felt the same way about Valentine’s Day, but their plans was more set in stone. Senior couple Max Ramsay and Eva Kolb, both very well-known around school, have experience in spending this day together. They have been together for over five years and it has been “far from perfect, obviously, but always worth it and works out in the end,” Ramsay said. Kolb followed on Ramsay’s comment and said, “when you’re together for as long as Max and I have been, you just know how to work through issues. No matter what, we always communicate and know that, in the end, everything will be fine. That’s because we know how much love we have for each other.” Ramsay was excited to talk about his Valentine’s Day plans where he is going to be “taking Eva out to a nice dinner date and spending the night together at his place watching movies,” he said.

The number of relationships in high school is increasing, according to the Huffington Post. However, only “1-2 percent of these last longer than college,” and article from the Huffington Post said. Work must be put in to keep the relationship together, but this also shows that people still accomplish being together for a long time. This means Valentine’s Day is a tradition and having a relationship is special for people on this day of love.

Spending time alone on Valentines is not always bad, but couples here have expressed the joy it brings. While it’s hard to maintain the relationship in school, they believe it to be worth it, which makes Valentine’s Day even more special to them.


Michael Gonyo

Staff Writer