Juniors tour colleges over break


Josh Messitte

As spring break comes around the corner, juniors are beginning to plan their college visits. Junior year is the time where students buckle down and get serious about their futures.

Spring break is a great opportunity for students to travel around and visit potential colleges. Junior Kyra Goldstein has started planning her college visits for spring break. “Me and my mom are planning on going to Florida for the first part of spring break and visit colleges in that area. For the second half my dad and I are going to visit colleges in Pennsylvania. Penn State is one of my top choices,” Goldstein said.

When visiting colleges, it is important to expand your horizons. Look at schools with a variety in size, alternative locations, and various majors. Even if one school may be one’s dream school, it is good to visit and apply to others and have options.

Junior Marc Laibstain is visiting colleges with his family over spring break, and deciding what kind of school he likes the most. “I’m just now beginning to plan my college visits, but me and my parents want to look at a big, medium, and small size school. I think I want to go to a big school, but my parents want me to look at others before I make a decision,” Laibstain said.

Although spring break is a great time for college visits, it is hard to visit all potential schools. Students tend to look at school in different parts of the country, and spring break is not long enough to visit schools too far apart from each other. Try finding schools closer to each other and go from there.

Junior Grace Youngstrom is touring colleges in general areas. “I am planning on visiting multiple schools in Southern Maryland and if there is time me and my mom want to visits schools in New York as well. Those are my top two locations as of now,” Youngstrom said.

Throughout the year, there are days we have off school. Students take advantage of these no school days and go on day visits at nearby colleges. When planning these tours, the sooner one signs up the better, because these spots fill up quick. Feb. 19 was a holiday; this is an opportunity for a college visit. On that day, Elon University had 1200 students tour, 600 is the morning and 600 in the afternoon.

When students decide to go on college visits with their friends, sometimes their own goals for their future can be diminished by the need to stay close to friends. Every student has their own desires for their future. Whether that is college, military, or anything else, junior year is the time for students to start setting their paths beyond high school, and spring break is an opportunity that junior should take advantage of.


Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor