Forget about the flu, senioritis is coming for you


Max Jordan

After seven high school semesters full of dreadful hours of homework and studying, months of preparing for the ACT/SAT, and endless work and stress put into college applications, seniors are finally finished…almost.

We have reached second semester, the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for, and senioritis begins to kick in more than ever before. While most seniors at this point are either committed or have an idea of where they are going to school next year, most begin slacking. Although it’s extremely easy to catch senioritis, we must attempt to put effort into our schoolwork as second semester grades are sent to our colleges.

Cases of senioritis vary from senior to senior. While some begin slacking by not completing any homework, rarely studying, and skipping school frequently, others will complete their homework and study, just not as often as before. It seems like seniors who have officially committed to college catch the worst case of senioritis, while seniors who are still waiting to hear from a few colleges aren’t as seriously affected. “I am still waiting on a few colleges that I am considering going to so I am not slacking as much as most of my friends. However, since I have heard from the majority of my schools, I’ll admit that I am not putting in as much effort as I used to,” senior Allison Geringer said,

Some seniors even claim that their senioritis began from the start of high school. “Looking back, I wish I didn’t slack as much. Although it may not seem like a simple assignment matters in ninth grade, every assignment affects your overall GPA,” senior Zack Lechner said.

Even some grades received as a seventh grader have an impact on students’ GPAs, so it’s important to put in as much effort as possible from the beginning.

Then, there are those seniors who are a rare species. They are committed to college, yet throughout second semester put in as much effort, maybe more effort, as they did from the start of freshman year. These students strive to finish off high school with a bang by continuing to put hours into their homework and studying each night. They must be respected, as no ordinary second semester senior is like this. “School has always been my number one priority, although I’m committed I still put lots of time into completing all of my work,” senior Grace Llewellyn said.

If you are a senior and haven’t been diagnosed by senioritis yet, be careful because it is extremely contagious. Think of this like the Hunger Games: you want to be the last one to survive, and so far you are doing relatively well considering that the majority of seniors are extremely suffering with this deathly disease. Make sure to stay away from all who show symptoms such as skipping school, not completing any work, and receiving failing grades. Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Jordyn Taylor

Senior Features Editor