Retired MCPS counselor William Ramsey excited to return to fill open role

Retired MCPS counselor William Ramsey excited to return to fill open role

Madeline Reiter

When a counselor goes out on maternity leave, it is up to their replacement to continue helping their students. It is very important for the well being of their students that a strong replacement is found. Recently, Elizabeth Robinson left for maternity leave and is replaced by William Ramsey.

Ramsey is not new to this job. It is his second time filling in for a counselor at this school. Even though he is retired he still enjoys coming back and working. Ramsey has been a certified counselor for about 30 years. “I got my degree at Eastern Michigan University,” Ramsey said.

Previously, Ramsey worked at Rockville High School. “I worked at Rockville for seven years, and then came to Wootton and worked as a resource counselor for about 25 years,” Ramsey said.

When one counselor leaves, students have to form a new relationship with their replacements. It can be tough for students to form a new relationship with a new counselor, but Ramsey strives to make that an easier process for students on a daily basis. He knows that it is extremely important that students feel comfortable coming to their counselor with any type of problem they might have. “At first, I found it hard to connect with Mrs. Robinson’s students. This was because I did not know any of their backgrounds or circumstances,” Ramsey said.

Counselors are here to provide services for the students that the teachers cannot. This may include helping them with their academic goals, their social and personal development and with their career development. Specifically during this time of year, counselors are extremely busy helping students plan out their schedules for the following year, as well as making any needed changes to their second semester schedule “I love counseling, and it really intrigues me because I get to instill hope in each student that we can all be successful and everyone can change,” Ramsey said.

Each counselor has their own personal style of counseling. Whatever style of counseling a counselor chooses can have a major impact on the relationships they form with their students. This is especially important for a counselor filling in for another one like Ramsey. “I would describe my counseling style as compassionate,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey is enjoying his time back. After working as a counselor for more than 30 years, and being here for more then 25 of them, Ramsey is enjoying the opportunity to help and leave an impact on the lives of students. “I am having a great time. I enjoy the students and staff. The environment is encouraging and positive,” Ramsey said.


Adam Friedman

Staff Writer