Extra gym classes helpful to students, their stress


Teddy Carroll

To graduate from high school in MCPS students are required to take two semesters of gym. Whether it be weight training, net sports, basketball, yoga or golf, it has to be done. But students are allowed to take as many gym classes as their schedule can contain. Classes like advanced basketball or advanced weight training require one to two semesters of beginner-level gym.

Some people take extra gym classes because they are helpful for them to get through their day. “Gym is essential for me; I like taking an extra gym because it is period that I know I’m not going to have to be challenged mentally. I get a break and I get to relieve some stress that I have built up throughout the day. I also think it depends when you have your gym period because in the morning it might not be as helpful for me,” senior Simon Bloch said.

Bloch has taken gym for the most of his high school career and feels it is also necessary academically. “Gym also is good for the report card because it is a lot easier to get an A as long as you show up and get the work done.” Bloch said.

Another senior has capitalized on the ability to take gym whenever he can. Senior Griffin Kirsch will have taken seven out of eight semesters with gym. The only reason he missed out one semester was because he had to take a health class, which is required. “Gym is very important to me; it gives me time to relax with friends and still get exercise. I also take it because the teachers are chill and do not require an extensive amount of effort in some of the gym classes.”

Not everyone is lucky enough to realize how much a gym class can help. “I really wish I took a gym class this year. My schedule is difficult and sometimes I feel so stressed with all of my classes. I would be better off with a gym because I could break up my schedule to make my day easier,” junior Dylan Strauss said.

Taking an extra gym can offer a class that is not mentally challenging and can also be relaxing. It can relieve some of the stress students build up throughout the day, and it can give you time to get your daily exercise.


Grant Saylor

Staff Writer