New Year’s Eve best time for celebrations


Amogh Rao

Dec. 31 is the night when people all over the world come together and celebrate the change in the year.
New Year’s Eve gives people an excuse to party and hang out with their friends and stay out far past usual times. Although New Year’s Eve can be a good time, it is often overrated because it doesn’t always live up to expectations. That is because expectations are always too high.

New Year’s Eve is the best holiday because it is celebrated universally and it allows for a moment to reflect on the past in order to change the future and make the new year the best year yet. Also, the moment the ball drops is magnificent as it is seen around the world. Although New Year’s resolutions aren’t always taken seriously, they are an important part of the celebration because they can help people realize what they need to do to achieve the most personal success.

The Times Square ball is located on the roof of One Times Square. It was first held on Dec. 31, 1907, and has been a tradition ever since. The only exceptions were in 1942 and 1943 because World War II was going on during these years. On Dec. 31 at 11:59 p.m. the ball descends 141 feet over the span of one minute and then comes to a rest at exactly midnight signaling the start of the new year. This event is televised worldwide and is watched during New Year’s parties so people can count down the seconds until midnight. When the clock hits 12 the ball drops and the celebrations are at their peak.

Students like junior James Hollingsworth enjoy watching the ball drop and never break the tradition by not watching. “The ball drop was awesome this year because I got to watch it with a bunch of my friends. I’ll definitely remember this ball drop forever,” Hollingsworth said.

Another reason that New Year’s Eve is awesome is because it gives us a moment to assess how the past year has been and think about what can be done to have an even better next year. New Year’s resolutions are an effective way to better ourselves and improve the way in which we act. Students try whatever works best for them to carry out their resolutions such as senior Jake Rosenblatt who makes a list of his resolutions and puts it in his bathroom. “It’s a good way to remember what makes me my best self because I get to look at the list a couple times a day,” Rosenblatt said.

Students appreciate New Year’s because it gives them an opportunity to stay out later than usual because no one wants to leave the party before the ball drops. New Year‘s celebrations are known to be exciting and when the clock hits midnight everyone at the party erupts in cheers.

Staying out late is one of the privileges that teenagers receive as they get older and New Year’s allows most students to stay out later than they would on a normal weekend night. Students like sophomore Danielle Klein love celebrating New Year’s and staying out past midnight. “I love New Year’s because it gives me an excuse to stay out late and have a good time with my friends and family,” Klein said.


Justin Fishman

Opinion Editor