Upcoming festival to showcase student stage talents


Gwen Klein

Tucked away in between the security office and social studies teacher Amy Pollin’s room lies one of the lesser known rooms of this school: the lair known as room 130.

In the month of January, this room will host some of this school’s most talented comedians, drama queens and kings, and actor-wannabes.

The venue is the One Act Festival, a weekend in January that puts on display the directing skills of students here as well as acting skills for those who normally may not get the chance to act on the auditorium stage. “I wanted to take advantage of the theatrical opportunities that I didn’t have before and I was excited by the fact that these were student directed, I thought it might be an opportunity I wouldn’t experience another time or place,” senior Heloisa Tebaldi said.

For those who do not know, the One Act Festival occurs every other year and is a part of the Play Directing and Stage Design courses. This year, 12 directors chose their own individual one act plays and then started conducting the long process involved in directing a show.

First, the 12 students had to choose their play. Jessica Speck, the theatre teacher, gave the directors full control over what kind of play they can direct. The plays this year range from laugh-out-loud comedies to gut wrenching dramas and similar to the last One Act Festival, the actors and actresses who these directors would choose from would be the vast population at this school. “I had a really fun time doing it my sophomore year and I also love performing, so it’s a great way to do what I love and support my friends who are taking play directing,” senior Hannah Bruckheim said.

Auditions were held on Nov. 28 and 29 and with 12 directors needing at least two actors in their show, there had to be at least 24 students interested in auditioning. A grand total of 50 students showed up to showcase their talents and fight for a lead role in at least one of the 12 plays. “I was really excited to try out for a One Act because usually I only do singing related things but it’s really cool that I get to be in plays that are directed by my friends,” junior Abby Batkhan said.

The final cast list went up on the school’s Center for the Arts website on Nov. 30 and a total of 38 students had roles and multiple students had roles in more than one show. With rehearsals starting on Dec. 4, there is little time for the actors and actresses to memorize their lines and get the stage directions on point for final performances in mid to late January. “We have a very quick turnaround but I believe my actors and actresses are up to the challenge. If they didn’t think they were, then they wouldn’t have tried out,” junior student director Zach Cassidy said.


Maxwell Redding

Staff Writer