World News Briefs: October 4th


Baseball star dies at age 24
José Fernández, one of the most dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball, died in a boating accident in the early morning of Sept. 25. Fernández was the star pitcher for the Miami Marlins baseball organization. Fernández and two other men were found dead after their boat was found crashed by the Miami Harbor entrance, according to MLB players along with millions of others have shared their condolences and are praying for the friends and family of Fernández. The Marlins cancelled their game against the Atlanta Braves and instead held a memorial for Fernández at the stadium. “He was a pillar to our community; he was involved in everything that he could be to give back. I had the experience of talking to him several times – down-to-earth, great person,” Lorenzo Velos, Fish and Wildlife Commission public information officer, said. Drugs and alcohol are not presumed to have played a factor in the crash but autopsies have yet to be conducted, according to “José is a member of this family for all time. His story is representative of a story of hope, and of love and of faith, and no one will ever let that story die,” Marlins President David Samson said in a press conference.
Shooter found, taken into custody
The Washington State mall shooter who fatally shot and killed five innocent people on Sept. 24 has been found and taken into custody following a 24-hour manhunt. Arcan Cetin, shot and killed four women and one man in a Macy’s store at a mall in Burlington, Washington, according to Cetin is currently being charged with five counts of first degree murder, according to Skagit County Jail records. Cetin is originally from Turkey but is currently a legal resident of the United States. Since it’s still early into the investigation, state authorities are unable to rule the shooting as an act of terrorism or not, according to Cetin has been in trouble with the law before as he was arrested last year for assault. “That was us in that mall last night, any one of us at any time. It changed those families forever. It changed our community forever,” Burlington Mayor Steve Sexton said in a press release.
Kaepernick kneel spreads across US
The recent protests conducted by professional athletes have influenced younger athletes to protest in the same way: by taking a knee during the national anthem. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the protest and it since has made its way to the college level and now into high school football as well. Watkins Mill has decided to take action and in their game against Damascus a majority of the team took a knee during the national anthem. During the anthem there was no booing or shouting from the protest, according to “I choose to stand. I think there’s a better platform to do it at, but I cannot as a human being, not as a coach or a teacher, judge my kids and tell them either they have to stand or kneel,” Watkins Mill Head Coach Michael Brown said in an interview. Principal of Damascus, Jennifer Webster said she discussed the meaning and importance of protest with her students. “It is important that we listen to understand all perspectives and that we engage one another in a respectful way. We must remember that one of the great things about our nation is that our Constitution guarantees us the right to protest,” Webster said.


Radley Ellenbogen

News Editor