Wrestling: Team’s season starts with states run in mind

The time to roll out the mats is back, as wrestling begins its season.

Wrestling is one of the school’s most successful teams because it requires both a strong individual effort and a strong team effort. To get to state finals it requires just individual skill set, but for the team to beat other schools it requires all of your players to win their matches.

Another thing wrestling requires is a high amount of physical fitness, like most sports. The difference is most sports do not require for you to be a certain weight.

One of the best wrestlers to go through this school in the past decade looks forward to the new team.“I think this one of the strongest teams we’ve had. Last year we lost a great wrestler but I think overall our team has improved,” senior Jake Warner said.
Warner has been on varsity for the past four years and made it to regionals two years in a row. “My goal is states this year. Regionals is great but I want to get to states because it is the top wrestlers in the area and that is the type of competition I want,” Warner said.

Some of the team’s seniors are beginning to realize their passion is almost finished. “It’s a strange feeling for it to be my last year wrestling. I grew up wrestling and I just don’t want it to end. I’m definitely excited for the matches though, they are always fun,” senior Spencer Tritto said.

Tritto has a goal of making it to regionals as he is also one of the team’s strongest members.
The team has even attracted some unlikely members. “Wrestling is great because the workouts are unmatched. Whether it’s running long distances or doing countless amount of push ups, it demonstrates the hard work we put in day in day out,” senior Eric Lee said.

The workout regime is unmatched in comparison to other sports. “I’m constantly watching what I eat, and I did not realize how hard it is to drink less and eat less just to make weight. I also have to burn a certain amount of calories by doing various cardio workouts. Overall it is worth it because I am in the best shape of my life,” Lee said.

The team hosted their first match of the season at home vs. BCC, but it was too late to be covered in this issue.


Grant Saylor

Staff Writer