Indoor Track: Preseason workouts show team has potential


Amogh Rao

The indoor track team began training in early November to follow-up on their successful season last year. With many talented seniors graduating last year, the new seniors will need to lead from the front along with support from underclassmen to make this season a success.

On the track team, there are two distinct teams; the sprinters and the distance teams. These teams compete in different races all with the same goal, to bring home the win for the Patriots. Luckily for the distance team, many of the cross country runners are running and they are obviously capable of running long distances. So far, the team has not had any meets, however they have had two time trials.

In their first time trial on Nov. 28, the runners competed in a 55-meter race and a 800-meter race. The boys’ were led by star junior Keith Cartwright, who completed the 55 meters in an impressive 6.93 seconds. He was followed by senior Ambrose Devine who completed it in 6.94 seconds and senior Samuel Yi who completed it in 6.97 seconds.

For the girls 55-meter race, senior Ana Scherf finished in 7.50 seconds. She was followed by junior Kayla Hill who completed it in 7.53 seconds and senior Chanel Lucas also completed the race in 7.53 seconds.

In the boys’ 800 meter race, senior Ronald Wong finished first with a time of 2:15.81. He was followed by junior Shane Brooks who finished the race in 2:17.58 and sophomore Scott Sritharan finished with a time of 2:22.23. “I enjoyed competing at the time trials and it showed me how I can improve during the season,” freshman Jeremy Ullman said.

In the girls’ 800 meter race, sophomore Melanie Tommer finished in first, completing the race in 2:53.87. She was followed by junior Margaret Christovich, who completed the race in 2:54.15 and sophomore Victoria Shumakovich completed the race in 2:57.25.
The second time trial was on Nov. 29. The runners competed in a 500-meter race, a 1600-meter race, 300-meter race. The 500-meter race was optional, so many runners decided not to participate. The boys’ were led by Brooks who finished first, completing the race in 1:10.84. He was followed by Devine who completed the race in 1:12.81 and Wong finished the race in 1:15.65. For the girls’, Scherf finished in first, completing the race in 1:34.81. Hill finished the race in 1:35.31 and senior Nabila Okudo finished in third, completing the race in 1:35.84.

In the 1600, or one-mile race, the boys were led by junior Richard Qiao finished first, completing the race in 4:57.94. Senior Matthew Klein finished the race second, in 5:08.83 and Sritharan finished third, in 5:06.05.

In the girls’ 1600 meter race, freshman Angela Parra finished in first, with a 5:50.31 time. Christovich finished in second with a time of 6:16.44 and Shumakovich finished third, in 6:25.41.

In the boys’ 300 meter race, Cartwright finished first again with a time of 38.03. Devine followed him up, with a time of 38.04 and Brooks finished third, in 38.94. In the girls’ 300 meter race, Hill finished first with a time of 46.04. Okudo finished second with a time of 46.84 and sophomore Grace Osman finished third, in 47.28

The team’s first meet was on Dec. 5, too late to be covered in this issue. They follow that up with a meet on Dec. 9.


Ryan Ullman

Senior Sports Editor