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Maria Hafeeza

The time of the year has come around again during which the leaves fall from the trees, the sky darkens earlier and turkeys fill the bellies of happy Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving. Traditionally, Americans will spend time on Thanksgiving with their close friends and family and feast on delicious foods. Thanksgiving is one of the most nationally celebrated holidays and is loved because of all the memorable traditions that are made on Thanksgiving.

There is always great television to watch as well. The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade occurs in New York City annually. Floats are all over the city and performances by musicians differ by the year. The parade goes on for hours and whether one actually attends the parade or watches it in the warmth of their home, it is entertaining. Students like sophomore Ben Bloch enjoy the tradition of watching the Macy’s parade. “I always sit with my brother and all of our toys on Thanksgiving and relax while watching the parade all day long,” Bloch said.

For dog lovers, the National Dog Show also occurs annually on Thanksgiving Day. What originally was called the Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show, which began in 1879, is now televised by NBC sports every year. There are dogs of all sizes who perform spectacular tricks and show off their cuteness to win various cash prizes.

One of the most well-known and longest lasting Thanksgiving traditions is watching NFL football, which has been a regular occurrence since the National Football League’s inception in 1920. Every year, there are three football games on Thanksgiving; one around noon, one in the evening, and one at night. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play every year on Thanksgiving. The games being played this year are Vikings vs. Lions at 12:30, Cowboys vs Chargers at 4:30 p.m. , and Redskins vs. Giants at 8:30 p.m. Football is a tradition that people such as  junior Annie Clampitt take part in watching on Thanksgiving every year. “I love watching sports all the time so it is very nice to be able to cheer on my fantasy football team on Thanksgiving every year,” Clampitt said.

Although all the lineup on television during Thanksgiving is impressive, it is nothing compared to the lineup on plates. Turkey is the main dish eaten on Thanksgiving and is commonly eaten with gravy on it. Corn pudding is a tasty side eaten and can be made in many different fashions. Other famous Thanksgiving foods are cranberries, sweet potatoes, veggies and rolls. The most famous Thanksgiving dessert is the classic pumpkin pie, which can be served with walnuts. Freshman Ryan Feldman is a big fan of Thanksgiving foods but has a couple foods that he loves the most. “There is nothing like a nice pumpkin pie with some vanilla ice cream on the top. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to straight munch,” Feldman said.


Justin Fishman

Opinion Editor