Best, Worst Water fountains around school


The renovation of school is scheduled for the summer of 2019, but with the mold on the ceilings, lead in the fountains, and air conditioning issues, it is needed sooner. Water fountains have a reputation of being appalling, and it’s for good reason. People put their mouths on the faucet or spit in it, which could get you sick. Here are the top three places to go to quench your thirst and the worst three that should be obliterated.

1. Water fountain in the girls’ locker room: If the smell of the locker room itself isn’t enough to make you vomit, then you should consider this other factor: the water itself is not clear but rather cloudy looking and will make you question whether or not it came from outside in the gutters.
2. Water fountain in the science hallway (near Jacob Buxton’s room): Green is the color that should be found outside on grass or leaves, not on a water fountain. ¨Last time I checked, this water fountain had fine water but the water fountain itself has some colorful mystery stuff on it and I´m a little concerned for my safety so I try to avoid using it,¨ junior Nathan Kaplan said. This water fountain is so revolting that I don’t understand why it still exists. Unless you are looking for a way to get sick and miss one of your quizzes or tests, then please, for your own health, do not drink here.
3. Water fountain by the library: If one could physically get the water from this fountain into his or her mouth, it would be impressive, but he or she would probably also catch the flu. This faucet can’t squirt out water far enough to reach your mouth without you hunching over and touching the dirty faucet itself. It does not matter if the water even tastes good because all the effort it takes to try to drink it is enough.


1. Water fountain in the child development room: This hidden water fountain is not known by many but is by far the best. It is the cleanest because only students in the child development class really know about it and use it. It is cold and refreshing to drink, which is a plus considering not many at school are. Traffic here is minimal as well. “It checks off all of the boxes for a great water fountain: No line, cold, refreshing, and powerful. I drink from it everyday on my way to my first period class,” freshman Joshua Levine said.
2. Water fountain by cafeteria (and stairs that lead up to the gym): This water fountain commonly goes unnoticed by students as it is on the side of the school by one of the exits and the cafeteria. It is always so cold that it is as if it came straight out of the fridge. Since students don’t realize it is there, it is very clean. It is a convienent stop when going in or out of the school from the bottom level.
3. Water fountain in the math hallway next to room 255: This water fountain is popular and used by many students. “It actually tastes like real water which is surprising, considering most at this school taste like they came from the toilet,” junior Mimi Drozdetski said. This water fountain is easily accessible, as it passes through an abundance of routes from class to class.


Ava Castelli

Staff Writer