Behavior changes at work


Dean Spitz

High school is the point in the lives of students where it is time to start growing up. This includes having experience in the real world outside of school, by getting a job.

In the professional world, there are certain expectations and ways one should conduct themselves. The employee should show respect firstly. Being teenagers makes this more of a challenge. Students want to earn money, but at this age sometimes it is hard to behave as an adult. In school, students are not under the same pressure as while at a job. Junior Cheryl Goodman works at the Cabin John Ice Rink and conducts herself differently at her work rather than at school. “Personally, I act nicer at my job because I am getting paid. At school I am basically forced to be there so I don’t put as much effort into my attitude,” Goodman said.
While students should have good behavior at school, there is something different about having a job that makes students want to act different. Junior Molly Brown is grateful for her job and tries to show it while on the job. “At my job I really try to be professional because I want people to respect me. I am lucky to have my job and I don’t want to lose it, so I do my best when at work,” Brown said.

Some jobs students have involve interacting with family friends or neighbors. Junior Eric Quam worked as a lifeguard over the summer at his local pool. A major part of his job was to work with his peers professionally. “It was a bit harder for me at my job because I knew I had to act professional, but I was already comfortable with my neighbors so that made it more difficult,” Quam said.

Students’ behavior at school is harder to control because they feel they have no control over their day. They come to school, work, go home and work some more. This makes it harder for students to want to act well in school. Sure they want good grades and to get into good colleges, but some students feel that their freedom is being taken away, causing them to not care.

One of the most important things a student can have throughout high school is respect from their teachers. This can help them do better in classes and show the teacher how hard they try, which can be of use when a student asks for something, like recommendations for internships or colleges. Teachers will know the students who put in the extra effort, and will be a factor into helping them work for their future.

At a job, if an employee has bad behavior or does not respect their peers, they will most likely be fired.


Hannah Shapiro
Features Editor