Birthdays during school year vs. summer: which would you rather?


Alex Klugerman

Birthdays: the one day that everything is about you (although you may think that’s always the case).
Everyone is used to having their birthdays take place during the same month and day, the same season, maybe near the same holidays. But can you imagine how different your birthday would be if it was during a completely different part of the year? While birthdays are special either way, there are many differences between having a summer birthday and having a birthday during the school year.

Birthdays during the school year: If your birthday falls on a school day, your initial reaction is probably “ugh.” Waking up at 6 a.m. and attending seven different classes does not seem like the ideal birthday celebration, but there are some positives to spending your day at most likely your least favorite place. First of all, having school take up the majority of your day builds up excitement for your gourmet dinner at night. With a summer birthday, dinner likely wouldn’t be the most exciting activity planned for your day. Having your birthday at school and spending quality time with your family at night for dinner is much more special. Secondly, when you are at school on your birthday, you get to spend it with all of your friends. During the summer, you may spend time on your birthday only with your bestest friends, but while being at school you get to be with everyone. Also if you’re a girl, you get a whole extra lot of love on your big day as your friends will usually bring you food and balloons to carry around school.

Birthdays during the summer: While having a summer birthday, each year your day brings a new experience. My birthdays have varied from going to amusement parks, vacations, camp and working, and they have always been spent with different people. The obvious perk to having a summer birthday is that you can sleep in as late as you want unless if you have a job or camp to go to, but even with that you’re sleeping in much later than you would to go to school. Also with a summer birthday, you get to spend your entire day doing whatever you chose, which is way better than being at school. There is no work to get done, no tests to study for, and your biggest worry on your birthday over the summer is if you are going to get birthday posts from all your friends or if your crush is going to text you saying happy birthday.

Ultimately, I am glad that I have a summer birthday. Although I have never had the opportunity to receive food and balloons from my friends, or to spend my day with all of my school friends, I love conquering a new adventure on my birthday each year with my closest friends and my family.


Jordyn Taylor

Senior Features Editor