Stranger Things season two streamed by millions


Radley Ellenbogen

Warning: spoilers ahead. The biggest scare on Halloween this year was the release of Stranger Things 2 on Netflix.
Back in July of 2016, season one was released and binge watchers instantly became obsessed. After the craze, it was announced that the show would return in October 2017. Since it takes over seven and a half hours to watch the entire season, bingers settled into their chairs to enjoy the madness brought back in season two.“I liked it because it appeals to fans of all genres throwing together a good amount of intense nail biting moments while keeping a nice comedic foundation,” sophomore Erich Mayne said.
Eleven and the gang made a huge return to try to resolve all of the unanswered mysteries left at the end of season one. After Will was rescued from the upside down, it left everyone wondering what exactly this parallel universe was like. Fans were disappointed when there was confirmation that Barbara, “Barb,” Holland did not live to make it out of the upside down. “I am really upset because I really wanted them to twist it up and make us think Barb died but then bring her back in season two,” sophomore Iman Shumburo said.

With the introduction to the shows newest character, Max, it got fans all concerned that she would replace Eleven in “the party.” Clearly this also concerned Eleven because as soon as she saw Mike talking to Max, she became angry, and tipped her skateboard with one nod of the head. Max didn’t really do anything to add to the season besides create a crush for both Dustin and Lucas to fight over. The good thing that came of Max was in the finale, when Nancy, Mike’s older sister, cheered Dustin up by dancing with him after Lucas won over Max.

Another addition to the show that everyone loves, is Bob Newby. In the chaos of Joyce Byers’ life, Bob is the only steady, unwavering force. Fans are heartbroken that he was introduced and killed in the same season, and only wonder why they allowed him to heroically save the day, but not make it out alive. “If they were going to kill Bob that quickly they should have just not put him in the show at all,” sophomore Ben Bloch said.

What might have gone underappreciated in this season is the character development of Steve Harrington. In season 1, Steve is the prototypical “cool” guy, he goes to all of the parties, drives a cool car and gets all the pretty girls. However, in this season, we see a softer side of Steve, one who cares about his relationship with Nancy and worries about the wellbeing of his “kids,” being Max, Dustin, Lucas and Mike. Steve ultimately becomes a more responsible man, and viewers can’t help but fall in love with the more compassionate, father-like figure he has become.

If you are looking for a new show to binge, Stranger Things should definitely be it. It’s incredibly difficult to top the first season of a series with as many twists as this show did, but I would give Stranger Things 2 five stars, and would definitely advise readers to watch it if they have not already.


Emily Eichberg

Commons Editor