Trent Folk: making difference at gym, in politics


Senior Trent Folk started his fitness page last spring in order to share bodybuilding tips with his friends and family. In addition to his gym routine, Folk spends what’s left of his free time volunteering for Congressman John Delaney and managed SMOB candidate Alex Abrosimov’s campaign last year. I got the opportunity to sit down with Folk and ask him about his volunteer experiences. You can find him on instagram @trent_muscles.

Q: Was it difficult sparing gym time to make more room to volunteer?
A: Going to the gym has always been an important part of my daily routine. However, as I have gotten older, I’ve learned that obviously it is more important to expand your resume than to be lifting weights at the gym.

Q: What caused you to become involved in both elections?
A: I kind of stumbled on both opportunities. I was always interested in politics and it’s invigorating seeing the impact of your work on elections.

Q: What was your favorite part about working for Delaney?
A: My favorite part was getting the opportunity to help elect someone I think will help the state and country. It was pretty amazing to see change in action

Q: What was your summer internship like?
A: I’d wake up every day and metro to D.C. I spent my time attending briefings, writing memos for staffers and talking to constituents. I loved every minute of it.

Q: Do you want to work in politics when you’re older?
A: If I work in politics when I’m older, it will be an elected position. Watch out for me in 2036. It has always been a goal of mine to run for public office. My dream come true would to be elected senator or president of the United States.

Q: What was the best part about working for Alex?

A: The best part of SMOB was meeting students from all over the county. I went to a bunch of middle and high schools to share information about Alex and his vision for his campaign. He’s a great guy and I was happy to support him. While it was upsetting that he did not win, I enjoyed my experience regardless.


Julia Stern

Senior Reviews Editor