Bathrooms leave students in shock


Max Shapiro

Anyone who has stepped foot in the bathrooms in the school knows that they are a disgusting sight. The walls are covered in writing from other students, including curse words, inappropriate pictures and even bullying directed at specific people.
It is not out of the ordinary that some students choose not to use the bathrooms at school and rather “hold it in” until they get home. “The bathrooms have vulgar words all over the walls and stall doors, and I think someone should do something about it,” junior Ben Stoller said.

This is not the only reason why this community has gross bathrooms. Students also choose not to respect the bathrooms and instead make them extremely dirty. The toilet seats in the men’s bathroom are almost always covered in bodily fluids. The walls have wet toilet paper stuck to them. Some also think it’s funny when they put a whole bunch of toilet paper or paper towels in the toilets to try to clog them. Instead, what they are doing is causing the building service members to spend even more of their time cleaning the bathrooms. “I hate how our bathrooms have pee all over the toilet seats every time I go in,” sophomore Nate Gilkey said.

Another problem with bathrooms is the smell. The fans are not powerful enough and are therefore useless. The smell of the bathroom is pungent and makes the bathrooms unfriendly to the nose. “The bathrooms at Wootton always smell disgusting,” freshman Kelly Baldwin said.

The appliances in the bathroom are ancient and often don’t even work. A lot of the sinks have little to no water pressure and make washing hands, a simple task, take an eternity because the soap won’t wash off.

The urinals in the men’s bathrooms are often covered with plastic with a sign reading “Out of Order.” Students should not be forced to walk to another bathroom just because the school will not provide working toilets. Also, when it comes to drying hands off after washing, the air driers in the bathrooms are as effective as fossils. Some even take multiple minutes to partially dry one’s hands. “The school needs to do a renovation on all the bathrooms so they are nicer,” Gilkey said.

In order to end this ordeal going on in the bathrooms, the school board needs to do some serious work as well as the students in this community. Students will need to stop messing up the bathrooms on purpose, including graffiti and peeing on the seats. The school needs to spend on bathroom renovations. The walls need to be painted over, the cracked ceilings need to be replaced, and all the toilets, sinks and hand dryers need to be replaced.


Dennis Child

Opinion Editor