Profiles: Coco Chanel or Noa Gamliel?


“Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway,” fashion designer Coco Chanel said.
Senior Noa Gamliel exhibits this exact attitude in her daily outfits, extensive fashion-forward extracurriculars and long-lived passion for fashion.
For Gamliel, fashion has always been her dream– at first wanting to be a designer, foiled by her lack of artistic ability, then a fashion journalist, and finally her current goal: to study fashion marketing in college. “I am planning to pursue fashion as a career because I am so genuinely happy doing anything related to fashion. Nothing gives me such a high and a pure pleasure like this special form of self-expression,” Gamliel said.
When she was 12, Gamliel began a blog, Noa’s Fashion Tips, having no clue what she was doing other she loved fashion and had many opinions about it. Gamliel still maintains the blog and has evolved it after learning more about the fashion industry and reading other blogs. She now writes mainly about current trends, photographing street style to post along with her articles. Although busy balancing schoolwork and college apps, Gamliel still finds time to write for her blog when inspiration strikes. “There are times when it just hits me and I get so in the mood and inspired. I can spend hours and days just researching upcoming trends and making predictions. Reading many different blogs and magazines all give me a hint into what will be coming for the season and then I just start to write,” Gamliel said.
Her most recent blog post is about “the most amazing experience of her life,” her time spent at New York Fashion Week. Following this post she will start posting once a week. “Seeing some of the most influential people in the fashion industry really made me inspired. There were so many unique people there and it reminded me of why I love fashion so much because everyone has their own style and they shouldn’t be afraid to be different,” Gamliel said.
As for other fashion endeavors, Gamliel is a part of the Nordstrom BP fashion board that meets monthly to learn about all aspects of the fashion industry, while also helping BP with decisions on which they need a younger input. This allows Gamliel to be connected to the larger fashion community that she cannot wait to be a part of in college. “In the area that we live in everyone dresses very cookie cutter. Everyone is afraid to be different and be their own person because they are worried about others opinions. Yes, when I am in school I also dress the same because I became tired of the bullying and judgment when I would try to dress even slightly different. But I can’t wait to go to college and get out of this cookie cutter area, where I can be accepted for who I am and applauded for how I want to express myself,” Gamliel said.


Rachel Clair

Managing Editor