BBQ Club T-shirts: The stories behind them


The BBQ club has been a longstanding tradition at home football games. To show school pride, the administrators and members of the club come early, wearing their club shirts as they all join together for a pre-game barbecue.
Each year, the administration of the club comes up with new shirt designs that the club’s members will wear to the games. As this is the largest club at the school, the new shirt designs are always highly anticipated. This year’s shirt designs did not disappoint. “The back of the long sleeve is pretty fresh, I like this year’s designs better than in year’s past,” senior Jared Fishman said.
This year’s officers are seniors Charlie Eichberg, Nic Band, Justin Pykosh and Will Quam. As always there are the red short sleeves with students’ nicknames on the back of the shirts. This year’s red short sleeve has the usual BBQ logo on the front and then has a grill with “moco’s finest” written beneath the grill on the back. For the alternate shirt, the students decided to go with a black long sleeve. On the front, “BBQ Club 2016” was the top line and “Doran’s Army” is underneath in the top right hand corner. On the back, there is a large intimidating Patriot with a spatula with the words “Wootton BBQ Club” written below it. “We went with the black long sleeves, because we thought a blackout football game would be really cool,” officer Quam said.
Something students always look forward to with BBQ club are the nicknames that students get on the back of shirts. Some of the popular names this year were “So(ph) done with high school” (Sophie Ehrlich), “Sar Wars: Episode IV” (Sarah Fagan), “Ashually, it’s Myra” (Ashley Myra) and “Flick of da Riss” (Marissa Stoller).
The best names are usually those that involve a good pun, while also being funny. Some names every year do not get printed for being inappropriate, which is determined by club sponsor Kraig Bauer.


Joey Voyta

Staff Writer