Subject testing days: how they work


More often than not, it is inevitable to have several tests on the same day, as people take more challenging classes and with harder tests and assignments.

As stressful as taking tests are, no teacher assigns them on the same day as other teachers on purpose with the intent to have students be stressed. Teachers do not know every single person’s schedule and cannot work around all their classes and schedules to please everyone.

Every department has their own testing days in order to avoid tests all falling on the same day for students. “Since the foreign language department doesn’t have a summative category, we are only to test on the days given when it will take the whole class period. This way we can alleviate stress for the students,” Spanish teacher Meredith Lange said.

The testing days given to each department are meant for any activity that will take the whole class period. This usually ends up being the case for summative assignments, usually tests. The other days of the week, teachers can decide to do anything, including giving quizzes or other graded assignments that will take less time.

For students who doubled up on subjects like science, math or social studies, it is more than likely to have more than one test in a day. Also, there are only so many days in the week that they can assign a department to, therefore classes will overlap with testing, which is why there are two days per department. The testing days for science are Friday and Wednesday, math has testing days Monday and Thursday, social studies has Tuesday and Thursday and foreign languages are Tuesday and Friday.

These testing days are not permanent and several teachers tend to stray from the days their departments are given depending on their scheduling or other circumstances. “It’s so stressful because I feel like a lot of my teachers don’t understand. I have other tests too and switching the days makes it harder for me, especially when they let me know last minute that the date will be different,” senior Emma Abid said.

To help avoid stress, if given more than one test on the same day, students can plan ahead and focus on time management. Usually teachers give a warning or heads up of an upcoming test or graded assignment that will take all class period and after hearing when the tests are, managing to spread out studying is key. “I usually balance my studying and focus on one subject at a time but I make sure I’m prepared for both if they’re on the same day,” senior Emma Baldwin said.

Another way to help with the stress of having more than one test in a day is to take initiative and besides studying, go in for help to understand the material better, so the test is easier and the stress is lighter.


Ava Castelli

Staff Writer