NHS walk for homeless success again


Alex Bellot

The National Honors Society recently held their annual walk for the homeless. Members came together along with others in the community to walk around the track and raise money for the homeless.

This event has consistently been a successful event in the past years, and this year was no different. “I think the event was a great success this year because we raised a lot of money, and raised people’s awareness of the homelessness in our area,” senior Nick Christovich said.

The event was able to have a big impact due to the large turnout. “We had 160 people registered to participate in the event,” social studies teacher and National Honors Society sponsor Anne-Marie Steppling said.

The main goal of the event is to raise money to help the homeless. This year the event accomplished their goal by raising an impactful amount of money. “It was a huge success because we raised over $3,000 for the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless,” Steppling said.

The event brings people in the community together as one to fight against a major issue. “The event was a big success because so many people attended and we all came together and walked together, and it was all for a great cause,” junior Sam Bai said.

A key aspect of the event is that the money raised goes to people who are affected by the issue in this community. “We have a great relationship with the Montgomery County Coalition and it is really awesome that you can support a major issue that is directly affecting your community,” Steppling said.

For the people who take part in the event, the fact that they are supporting their community makes it more special. “It’s nice that we raise money for the homeless in Montgomery County, because it is important to improve the area where you live,” Christovich said.
Last year Steppling and psychology teacher Jennifer Bauer took over as the sponsors of the National Honors Society. The previous sponsor had been doing the Walk for the Homeless for years and the new sponsors plan to continue it. “We have done the walk for a long time and we plan to keep it going because it has always been a success, and really helped support a great cause,” Steppling said.


Jacob Klugerman

Profiles Editor