Golf: Atop county, golf team looks to take home state championship


The golf team is having another successful season so far and is looking to finish high in their division to propel themselves through the districts and advance to the state championship.
On Sept. 14, the team shot a 195 and finished in third behind Quince Orchard and Sherwood, beating Northwest.
In their next match on Sept. 20, they shot a worse score of 210, but finished in second only behind Northwest and beat BCC and Whitman. “Last match our team struggled because it was a tough course,” junior Zach Kerr said. In his first season so far, coach James Long has been successful in leading the team to a winning record. “I think Mr. Long has been a very organized coach that cares a lot,” sophomore Noah Siman said.
After five matches, senior Joey Voyta is currently tied for second in the individual standings with an average of 35.20. Senior Simon Fischer has an average of 39, Siman has an average of 39.40 and senior Darren Feldman has an average of 39.80. For the girls’ division, sophomore Andrea Chen is currently tied for third while shooting an average of 38.67. The team is currently in fourth place in the Yachmetz division behind Churchill, QO and Whitman.
The team is playing well after the departures of 2016 graduates Delaney Shah and Jordan Weitz. “They are living up to expectations and my expectations at the start of the season were high,” Long said.
Voyta has stepped up and led the team this year after they lost both Shah and Weitz last season. “Joey ‘Voltron’ Voyta has set the example for the team to follow and displays the charisma that would make any parent or coach proud,” Long said.
For the first time this season, two freshmen have made the same match. Ben Bloch qualified for his second match and Yuui Singh qualified for his first match of the season and will look to help the team while they prepare for districts.
The team will need to continue to perform better and climb the standings to be prepared for districts on Oct. 11. There, they will play all of the teams from the county and only the best players or teams will qualify for the state championships. “I believe we will do well in districts and I’m fairly confident we will make states,” Kerr said. The team’s next and final match before districts will be on Sept. 27 against Whitman, Sherwood and WJ, is too late to be covered in this issue.


Ryan Ullman

Sports Editor