Bagels, pancakes, donuts, oh my!


Sydney Cohen

After three grueling years of taking the PSAT, the seniors finally got to avoid this pain.

Rather than waking up early with the rest of the school, seniors on Oct. 11 got to sleep in and arrive at 9:30 a.m. to take a class picture in the bleachers. The slight rain and drizzle could not dampen spirits as everyone recalled the times when they had to take a four-hour long test. Not this year though. Now we were afforded the luxury of sleeping in and eating free food.

The senior breakfast is a coveted event that is often dreamed about in the years prior. It is a relief from the stresses of school and college applications and an opportunity to eat free food with the rest of the class. The breakfast was a much needed break from the hardships of school, and rather than taking another standardized test, seniors feasted. Senior Planning members appeared to be happy with the results of the breakfast, receiving positive feedback from the senior class. “Planning senior breakfast was fun and enjoyable. Knowing that all my hard work was payed off was an incredible feeling,” senior planner Michelle Podrabinnik said.

The senior breakfast included everything from hundreds of bagels and donuts to freshly made pancakes. Tables were covered in muffins, fruits and an impressive array of drinks. With such variety, seniors were left pleased and full with food. “I really enjoyed the breakfast and would never pass up an opportunity to eat free food and chill with my friends. It was nice to have a break from a normal school day and be with the entire grade,” senior Mitch Schuster said.

After the conclusion of the breakfast and pictures, all seniors were rushed to the main gym as they waited for testing to conclude while also giving time to clean the mess left behind in the cafeteria. As seniors were herded into the gym and not allowed to leave, some frustration was felt in the room. “We felt caged like animals,” senior William Yu said.

Yes, this was annoying as it felt our event was cut short being that over an hour was left until the end of lunch, but it could have easily been worse; we could have been testing and taking the PSAT.

Prior to eating, the class picture was taken in the stadium bleachers. Seeing everyone uniformly in class shirts (excluding members of Senior Planning who wore white to make an 18 in the stands) was a special sight. The class came together after years of cliques and separation for one final picture together.

The senior breakfast was a much appreciated change of pace from the usual hustle and bustle of an average school day. The breakfast ended with all seniors receiving “Wootton ‘18” lanyards, a nice touch to an already successful breakfast.


Matthew Lind

Back Page Editor