Girls Tennis: Team looks to rebound after hard loss


After coming off  a win against Blair, the girls looked to extend their undefeated record against Walter Johnson when they played on Oct. 2. The girls struggled in the singles matches, losing all of them, but they were able to bounce back in the doubles, winning two out of the three matches. Ultimately the efforts were not enough. The team lost 5-2, making it their first loss of the season.
Coming off of a lost for the first time, the girls looked to get back up from their loss and played Poolesville on Oct 4. The girls played exceptional, winning all of the matches.

The first two girls who played, sophomore Annie Dong and sophomore Ellie Esterowitz, both dominated, only either letting the opponent score one or zero points in a set.

The next two girls, junior Angela Wu and senior Claire Chen, also played well. Chen did not allow her opponent to score a single point in both of her sets, winning 6-0 in both sets.

The team also played well in doubles, winning all three matches. Senior Winnie Liang and freshman Lena Ware put on a show winning 6-0 in one set and winning 6-1 in the other set. The team won 7-0, bringing their record to 9-1.

The girls dominated their opponents again as they played Rockville on Oct. 6.  Wu played well, not allowing the opponent to score once in both sets. Senior Kara Wang also played well, not allowing a point in either set. The team won all of their singles matches and the girls controlled the doubles matches as well, winning all of them. The Patriots won 7-0 again, with a record of 10-1.

The girls played BCC on Oct. 11. Dong shut out her opponent, again winning both sets 6-0, and Esterowitz only allowed one point in both of her sets.

The last two singles matches were rained out and two out of three doubles matches were rained out.

In one doubles match the girls played, they won 6-0 and 6-3. Although not all matches were played, the Patriots won 3-0, giving them a record of 11-1.

The girls started counties on Oct. 16 and won the match. They play every day after the first day, too late to be covered in this issue.


Eric Lee

Staff Writer