Girls Tennis: Wins just keep coming; team continues success


Smriti Gupta

Another victory is in the books for girls tennis.  The squad, building off of another win, is continuing to build confidence after each game not just with themselves but with the entire team as well.  On Sept. 28 team traveled to Blair to take on the Blazers. They dominated, defeating Blair 6-1.

The first set of girls who played singles, Annie Doug (9) and Ellie Esterowitz (9) dominated their opponents. The other two singles players, Sydnie Haendler (12)  and Irene Wong (10) started their games but had to be postponed due to darkness. They both end up victorious later that week.  The singles team went 6-0, completely dominating the singles part of the match.  The doubles teams went 1-1 on the day, suffering the only loss of the day for the team. The 6-1 victory improved the team’s record to 9-0, leaving everyone extremely confident for the games to come.

“The reason why we are so confident as a team is because everyone on the team offers support to each other and it helps build confidence for everyone,” senior Claire Chen said.

The team has been pleased with the coaching job as a whole. The social studies teacher, Nia Cresham, has led the team to the state championship last year as well as an undefeated record so far this year. Cresham provides support and always is looking for ways to make the team better. “Cresham has been really supportive of us and has helped in every single match we have played this year,” junior Amanda Merkin said.

The squad is looking forward to the next match on Oct. 3, against Walter Johnson. The girls are trying different techniques during practice trying to get ready for the upcoming game. The girls know that Walter Johnson is a tough opponent, and they are doing everything they can to make sure they are ready.

“As a team, I always make sure that they practice every scenario that could happen in a game so they are ready,” Cresham said.


Drew Shrager

Staff Writer