Schools dazzle seniors with acceptances


Matt Silverman

For some seniors, the college application process can continue well into the school year. For the lucky few who get their applications in before the school year starts, the hard part is over. Now comes the most anxiety filled part, waiting for the college’s decision. It is the difference between two words…congratulations or sorry. These two words impact your future, but hopefully for the better.

Certain colleges (such as University of Pittsburgh, Indiana University, and University of Arizona) have an admission policy called Rolling Admission. This admission policy allows you to send in your application whenever you have it completed and hear back usually within two to four weeks. Some students, applied over the summer to a school and may have heard back even before their senior year of high school starts. Rolling Admission is what most students prefer because then they are able to hear back from schools sooner and know they are going to college somewhere. “It felt really good to know that I had gotten in somewhere because it takes a little bit of the pressure off,” senior Zack Lechner said.

Colleges are also finding new and creative ways to send acceptance letters, as opposed to just sending a traditional paper note. For example, University of Pittsburgh has decided to send an email with a link that will show you that you have been admitted, but also what your next four years at University of Pittsburgh would look like. When you click on the link to the video it immediately shows you a blue screen that says “Congratulations [Your Name], Now that you’ve been admitted, here’s a glimpse of the next four years of your life at the University of Pittsburgh” and from there on you see a personalized video that involves student life, academic opportunities, and other Pitt specific activities. In addition to this email, University of Pittsburgh sends you an official acceptance letter that congratulates you and also includes whether you have been accepted into their Honors College and whether or not you have earned scholarship money. “was extremely impressed with how the University of Pittsburgh put that together since it is so unique from other colleges,” Lechner said.

University of Arizona does something a little different. After waiting about three weeks to hear back from them, you will hopefully receive a large envelope with a wildcat on the front and in bold the letters “YOU’RE IN.” The envelope included a formal letter of acceptance with a sticker and “next step stuff.” “It felt really good to get into University of Arizona and to know without even having to up the envelope,” senior Danny Rubinstein said.

While the college application process is still stressful, with Rolling Admission it is not as bad of a process compared to waiting to hear back from a school that only has Early Action or Regular Decision.


Rachel Berman

Staff Writer