Seniors stressfully wait for college acceptances


Radley Ellenbogen

After all the work put into studying in order to get good grades and do well on the ACT or SAT, you apply to college. You completed every question, every essay, every application and you have finally clicked that permanent submit button. No going back. You are finally done.

Now comes the wait. “I’m really relieved to be done with all my apps and super excited to hear back but the suspense is killing me,” senior Corinne Bregman said.

The dreadful wait of weeks, if it’s a rolling school, or like most, months to hear back from the schools you spent hours applying to. What do you do now? There is no point in worrying about if you got in or not because it is out of your hands. You did all you could do, you sent everything there is for them to know about you, now, it is just time to be patient. As hard as it is and as anxious as it may make you, there are some things that can distract you.

Focus on other schoolwork: Although the colleges you have applied to already have your transcript, that doesn’t mean that first or second semester grades are irrelevant. If a school ends up accepting you, they may ask for you to send your first quarter, first semester, or even second semester grades to assure that you still care about school. You want to keep your grades up so colleges don’t revoke your acceptance.

Enjoy senior year: Participate in clubs and support sporting events. You could sit at home by the computer and refresh your email every second, or you could get out there and have fun with your friends. “I really enjoy playing basketball with my friends because it’s fun and distracts me from the worrying,” senior Mitchell Fanger said.

Time flies and before you know it, it will be graduation and our high school careers will be over. Have fun senior year and treat yourself because after all, you deserve it, you spent weeks hunching over a computer submitting application after application, and now you’re done.

Try something new: What better way to distract yourself from college waiting, than trying something new? Pick up a new hobby or even try out for a sport that you’d never think of doing and who knows, maybe you’ll like it. Try to keep yourself busy and while doing so, you might even make some new friends along the way. You have nothing to lose at this point, so just have fun with it. “I’ve tried my best and I realize that once I submit my applications, everything is out of my hands so I’m focusing on schoolwork and clubs,” senior Nabila Okudo said.

Remember, you aren’t alone during this waiting process. Every other senior is feeling the same way and although it is hard to not worry and stress about whether you got accepted or not, try to stay strong because you did the best you could.


Ava Castelli

Staff Writer