Tip, tricks on how to avoid hallway enforcement


Just as students have replaced and upgraded their binders and backpacks for the new school year, the administrators have similarly reconditioned school rules along with their methods of enforcement. These new laws of the land have made it difficult for of students who occasionally like to leave class for a bit. Security will stop any students walking in the halls during class without a pass. Students are also not allowed to go to the bathroom during the first and last 10 minutes of every class.

These new rules have been enforced during the first few weeks of school. Security is going around the school to make sure no students are wandering the halls or skipping class. One of the reasons security officers are taking these rules so seriously is so that they have every student accounted for. “It is a safety precaution,” security officer Bert Camut said.

Although safety is a top priority of the school, students find that some of the new rules contradict this point. Another new rule is that students are not allowed to bring their phones when they use the restrooms. Junior Kyra Goldstein thinks that it is important that when students are in school, especially out of class by themselves, they should have their phones in case of an emergency. “I know that students like to bring their phones and use them in the bathrooms, which can be distracting, but I think having a form of communication is more important than stoppings students from leaving class to be on their phones,” Goldstein said.
These rules are being heavily enforced by security this year, but there are some ways to avoid them. Try putting a phone in a sweatshirt pocket, or any pocket for that matter, and do not make it obvious.

Also, students must have a pass with them at all times when leaving during a class. This rule can be hard when a teacher just says to go or says to sign out on a sheet they have in their class. A way to make this easier is to bring a hall pass along, even if it is not signed by a teacher, security will most likely not stop a student walking in the halls with a hall pass in their hands.
These tricks may be helpful, but sometimes are not necessary. Junior Cheryl Goodman has left class without a pass and has not gotten stopped once by security. “Many of my teachers say to go and come right back, but when I am in the halls with no pass, I still don’t get in trouble,” Goodman said.

One of the more frustrating rules is that no students are able to use the bathroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class, which is hard because there is not enough time in between classes to get to another classroom and go to the bathroom. The most common way to get a teacher to dismiss this rule is by saying it is an emergency, because let’s face it, no teacher wants throw up on their floor.

Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor