Senior athletes reflect on final seasons


Photo by Gurnoor Sodhi

Seniors Kaitlin Mariani and Karen Potts celebrate after winning their final game.

Unfortunately, there is a last time for everything. With the school year approaching its end, senior athletes experienced their last sporting events. Seasons ended with victorious highs while others ended with devastating lows.

Boys’ basketball had a satisfying end when they finally beat Churchill in the regional championships. However, girls’ basketball had a sad ending by losing to Churchill in the playoffs. Senior Kailtin Mariani said, “I remember my first varsity basketball game freshman year. I didn’t realize how fast the years actually go by. It didn’t end the way I wanted but I’m grateful for everything the four years provided for me. I want every freshman and underclassman to know to really take advantage of the time they are given because it flies by in the blink of an eye.”

Senior athletes put in hardwork and effort into their sports program and it all comes to an end in their last season. Senior Matthew Serrano gave his all to the boys’ soccer program. “Wootton soccer was my favorite activity at school and it made me extremely emotional when I understood it was coming to an end. I am proud of all the time and effort I spent trying to help make the program as amazing as it could be,” Serrano said.

Regardless of a change in coaches, the players prioritized making sure teams ran smoothly. Senior Jessica Winson played varsity lacrosse all four years and had to deal with the pressures of an existing coach leaving in exchange for a new one. Regardless, through the transition Winson led the team with confidence and leadership as team captain. “I knew it would be hard for the team to have to deal with a new coaching staff but I’m glad I was able to help the team so everyone could have the best season possible,” Winson said.

Senior athletes built lasting memories in their years of dedication to the sport. Senior Karen Potts found her junior year season to be most memorable, rather than her senior year season. “I loved my junior year soccer season; the team chemistry was really good and we won game after game. Senior year was great but I’ll never forget my junior season,” Potts said.

Along with Potts, senior Anya Sanders said, “ My junior year soccer season was a great experience that I wish carried on forever. My last game as a senior was very sad but I was so happy with what myself and the team had accomplished.”