Boys’, girls’ tennis teams shine in 2023 season


Photo courtesy twsathletics on Instagram

Senior Anusha Iyer and Junior Naomi Esterowitz repeat state champions in girls’ doubles.

In the world of high school tennis, the boy’s and girls’ tennis teams once again showcased their talent, skill, and sportsmanship throughout the 2023 season. With determination and practice, both teams have achieved remarkable successes, dominating their opponents and leaving the school community proud.

The boy’s tennis team has been an unstoppable force throughout the season. The team’s stellar performance can be attributed to the individual brilliance of its players.

Standout player freshman Virkram Reddy, displayed agility and precision, making him a tough opponent on the court. His relentless work ethic propelled him to victory in singles matches and inspired his teammates to push their boundaries. During the county tournament, he made it the farthest out of any singles player on the men’s side this year.

In doubles matches, the pairing of Will Balian (this writer’s brother) and Mihir Kotriah was virtually unstoppable. Their seamless coordination and understanding of each other’s game have left their opponents in awe. “I had a great season and look forward to playing next year and competing for a singles position,” Balian said.

Their victories in crucial doubles matches have contributed significantly to the team’s overall success, ending the season with an undefeated record of 12-0 and finishing as county and regional champions.

The girl’s tennis team has also showcased their commitment to excellence throughout the season. The team has demonstrated exceptional technique and resilience, earning them the number one seed in their division.

The doubles partnership of senior captain Anusha Iyer and junior Naomi Esterowitz has been unstoppable. Their teamwork, communication, and ability to anticipate each other’s moves earned them a back-to-back state championship. Their dominance on the court has been instrumental in driving the team’s success.

As well as a state championship, Esterowitz won a singles championship at counties. “I have had fun playing and being with such a great team. It was a super awesome experience,” Esterowitz said. She said she looks forward to her senior year and hopes for a three-peat.

Looking back on the year, Iyer is sentimental but ready to move on. “I’m super happy that Naomi and I were able to play and win together again this year. I feel like it was a great way to end my senior season after accomplishing so many great things this year,” Iyer said.