Taylor Swift captivates eyes of thousands at ‘Eras’ tour


Photos used with permission from Wiki Commons and Lily King, Photo illustration by Maya Halpern

Taylor Swift rocks out at her ‘Eras Tour’ in an array of costumes.

Taylor Swift’s eagerly awaited Eras Tour has rocked the music industry and cemented her place as one of the most influential and gifted performers of our time.

This tour, which spans several phases of Swift’s career, demonstrates how the musician, entertainer, and cultural icon has developed over time. The Eras Tour is a must-see event for any Taylor Swift fan, with its stunning production, captivating performances, and a setlist that covers her entire discography.

The Eras Tour’s cutting-edge production value and stage design are among its most notable features. Swift’s crew has spared no cost to produce an exquisite visual experience that perfectly matches the music. Throughout the performance, the stage changes immerse the audience in each phase of Swift’s career. The production design supports the emotional journey of the event, from the small and understated staging for her early country tunes to the brilliant and exuberant extravaganza of her pop smashes. “My favorite aspect of the concert was all the transitions between eras because they introduced which was next and there were a lot of cool graphics,” sophomore and lifelong Swiftie Brooke Zweig said.

The Eras Tour’s setlist, which is a meticulously chosen selection of Swift’s top songs from each decade, is another unique feature. From her timeless country songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” to her number-one pop singles like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” the event transports the audience on a nostalgic trip through her legacy. The concert has a cogent and fluid flow because each song is expertly crafted to match the overarching idea of the era it portrays. “It was so cool that 70,000 people and 20,000 tailgating in the parking lot were all there screaming the lyrics to my favorite songs with me,” junior Lily King said.

Swift gives nothing less than extraordinary performances. She effortlessly holds the audience’s attention because of her fascinating stage presence. Swift’s vocals are spot-on and her enthusiasm is contagious, whether she is belting out intense ballads or dancing precisely to her catchy pop songs. She loves what she does, and the crowd can tell. As a result, the entire space is filled with an electrifying energy. “Everyone was singing and dancing and just overall having an amazing time. I know the tickets are difficult to get and expensive but if you have the opportunity to go you will not regret it,” junior Madison Moorhead said.

The Eras Tour differs from Taylor Swift’s previous tours in that it places a greater emphasis on storytelling. Swift has long been renowned for writing songs that are intensely intimate and introspective, and she elevates this quality in the live performance. Swift intersperses her songs with stories and observations about her career experience, giving her music context and a deeper meaning.

The connection formed between Swift and her audience at these exposed and genuine times makes the concert experience feel even more private and intimate. “Taylor Swift was a big part of my childhood and it was how I made connections with my sister. She’s a political figure and businesswoman and so much more: she’s an inspiration. Seeing her proved that she is real and that someone can actually do that which was insane,” concert attendee junior Divya Subramanian said.

Taylor Swift

“Taylor Swift” was Swift’s debut album, introducing her music to the world in October of 2006. Due to her ex-producer Scooter Braun owning the rights to this album’s music and Swift not having yet rereleased this music under her own name, these songs were not part of the standard setlist (despite it being one of my personal favorites).


Fearless came out in November of 2008, creating a bigger audience than she already had. She sang three commonly known songs while dazzling the audience in her sparkly gold dress.
Speak Now

In October of 2010, the ‘Swifties’ nation was ‘enchanted’ by her new release of songs. Speak Now is one of Taylor’s most popular albums, but she hasn’t been able to rerelease it yet under her own production and name.


Red has been a popular album since proving she could do more than country music in October of 2012. She sang four of her most iconic songs, re-wearing her style from the original music video.


In October 2014, Swift’s fans had the opportunity to delve deeper into her life in her album 1989. She constantly switched up her outfits to find what fits her personal style, and what she feels expresses her.


In November 2017 Swift revealed that she was more than cheerful and poppy music. This album is known as iconic because Swift introduced a new side of herself and connected to yet another wider audience. Recent graduate Kate Messitte and sophomores Lainey Berman and Brooke Zweig said that this was their favorite album and part of the tour.


Swift began the concert with her popular “Lover” album that came out in August of 2019. She sang six songs from this album with her fans screaming their minds out along with her.

Folklore and Evermore

Folklore and Evermore are known as ‘The Twins’ for their similar vocal styles and extremely close release dates. Not only did fans get an album in July 2020, but they got another one in December 2020, full of songs with deep meanings.

Secret Song

With as many songs as Taylor Swift has produced, it was not possible for her to sing all or a majority of them, despite the highlight of her tour being that she sings songs from most of her albums. In came secret songs. At each show, Taylor sang two songs not on the setlist, which created a frenzy of guessing what she would sing where.


In October 2022 Swift released her “Midnights” album, and right after announced her tour. Due to the close proximity of dates, these two aspects are often connected, exciting her audience even more as not only is she going on her career tour but also they get to hear brand-new songs. This album was her closing album of the show, capturing the attention of her fans one last time before having to say goodbye.

Overall, Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour is a triumph on all fronts. From the stunning production to the mesmerizing performances and thoughtfully curated setlist, this tour showcases Swift’s growth as an artist while celebrating her impressive body of work. It’s a testament to her artistry and the impact she has had on the music industry. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her music, the Eras Tour is an unforgettable experience that solidifies Taylor Swift’s status as one of the greatest performers of her generation.