The last music of the year: Orchestra’s Spring Concert


Photo by Heerah Jayakumar

Music teacher Carolyn Herman conducts the orchestra as they play during the spring concert.

The orchestra performed their last concert of the year at the Dr. Michael J. Duran Auditorium on Apr. 27. Energy raced through the air as performers rushed to tune their instruments and prepare their acts. As the lights dimmed and the crowd settled, a warm ambiance settled around the rows of seats as the band began to play.

While each performance produced a large round of applause, that didn’t stop a feeling of anxiety throughout the performers. Freshman B’Arciya Waters performed in the concert. “I was nervous, but everyone did so well,” Waters said.

Musicians were also excited to perform for their loved ones and show what they had learned throughout the school year. “It felt really good to be able to perform for everyone that showed up. Knowing that some people don’t usually have a chance to go to our performances was inspiring to do your best, such as my brother who came from his college to listen to our performance,” sophomore Anton Obolensky said.

The program has won a variety of awards for various performances, including a National Orchestra Award, the John Phillip Sousa Award, and most recently, the Louis Armstrong Award, presented on Mar. 20. At this performance, a combination of ensembles was performed, including the chamber orchestra, wind ensemble, and the symphonic orchestra. “I think that everybody did really well especially as the performance required ensembles to play together that usually don’t have opportunities to practice together,” Obolensky said.

The respective orchestras played songs together, as well as pieces that complemented each other. The set was all-encompassing and included a dance performance by the poms to accompany the last song. The orchestra practiced for months in preparation for the performance and also performed this set at Hershey Park on Apr. 22. As the last performance for the seniors, nostalgia was in the air as a short commencement took place, where each senior received a rose and took their last bow. “I’ll miss the seniors so much and I hope to see them again someday. I’m totally going to go see their concerts in the future,” sophomore Lindsey Zuniga said.

The final event that the orchestra performed was The Festival of Arts, on May 24 and 25. “This one is a little different because we’re doing it in the Commons because we don’t have to move it as far away. We’re doing it in the Commons because the Festival of the Arts is going on. I’m so impressed with Wootton artists. We’re doing so close by so they have the ambiance of the music and it gives our kids the chance to perform so that’s why we’re performing at 6:30,” music teacher Carolyn Herman said prior to the event.

The orchestra gives each performance its own atmosphere, making each concert feel special in its own unique way“I can’t wait to see what we do next year,” Zuniga said.