Seniors in a cappella perform for last time at Festival of the Arts


Photo by Sophia Fritsch

Acapella seniors perform their last song at the Festival of the Arts in the Commons on May 24.

The Festival of the Arts, held on May 24, was the last a cappella concert for 2023 seniors.

Sixth-grade and eighth-grade Frost chorus students performed their setlists, leading up to the nostalgic and bittersweet performance from the Acatonics. The concert opened with their competition set featuring soloists Gabby Wright, Yael Alvarez, Vishal Jain, Dhanya Philipose, Clarissa Miranda, and Reign Nzang. The performance featured a mashup of famous songs into a creative and unique set moving the audience of parents and near to tears.

A crowd was packed into the Commons to watch this final concert. Chairs that covered every square inch of the floor still weren’t enough to fit the eager audience. People lined the Commons bridge and watched from above. Cheers were deafening after each song and there was not a single person who wasn’t out of their seats by the end, a magical moment for the performers, the spectators, and their families.

A cappella at this school is not just a group of singers or a club that performs once a season, it is a team, a wealth of talent and a family.

A sense of unity, strength, and passion is conveyed through the Acabellas and Supertonics. Last year the Acatonics (Acabellas + Supertonics) won first place at ICHSA and went to New York to perform in the finals. This year they came in fourth. This past November the Acatonics traveled to Boston and participated in two different workshops. The group got to learn from and perform with the a cappella group Nor’easterns from Northeastern University, and the Opportunes from Harvard University. “The opportunity to workshop with such prominent a cappella groups in the country was incredible and gave our group so much confidence and spirit,” senior Gabby Wright said.

Wright has been a part of a cappella since her sophomore year and cherishes the community and strength this group has fostered for her. She was one of the soloists at the final concert. “This group teaches you more than just singing. I’ve learned so many life lessons, and working with mentors within the A cappella community has tremendously helped prepare me for college and beyond,” Wright said. “My solo at the last concert meant so much to me. It was incredible to be able to perform for my team one last time.”

Senior Fiona Lin said has been a part of a cappella since her sophomore year. “The mentors were the ones who really helped us shine this year,” Lin said.“I think the last concert was such a great reflection of what a wonderful year we’ve had together. I’m sad to move on but I learned a lot.”

At the Festival of the Arts, seniors in a cappella were acknowledged during their last song in front of parents and friends. “It felt good to perform one last time with my team,” senior Clarissa Miranda said.