Exploring the journey of “XO Kitty”

Anna Cathcart, who plays the role of Kitty, attends the Disney Fan Fest.

Photo used with permission from Google Creative Commons

Anna Cathcart, who plays the role of Kitty, attends the Disney Fan Fest.

“XO Kitty” is a Netflix series that initially captivated me with its intriguing plot and quite unexpected twists and turns for a seemingly light and easy-to-watch coming-of-age story. The show follows Kitty Song Covey, a self-proclaimed matchmaker, who enters a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Dae while attending Korea Independent Seoul School.

One of the show’s strengths is its plot structure. The story of a long-distance relationship and Kitty’s desire to connect with her late mother lays a solid groundwork for the story. Then her encounter with Yuri, the popular student who ends up becoming entangled in Kitty’s life, adds an element of unexpected complexity to Kitty’s journey of self-discovery. This dynamic setup creates anticipation for the twists and turns that unfold throughout the series.

Where “XO Kitty” falls short is in the execution of its acting performances. Despite the promising storyline, the actors’ portrayals feel lackluster and sometimes forced. The chemistry between the characters often feels lacking, which makes it difficult to fully invest in their relationships and conflicts. The overall delivery of the dialogue and emotional depth also seems to be superficial, leaving the viewer disconnected from the characters’ experiences.

One commendable aspect of the show is its commitment to diversity. “XO Kitty” successfully incorporates a range of sexual and racial diversity among its cast, creating a more inclusive and representative world within the story. This aspect adds depth to the characters and allows for the exploration of different perspectives and experiences. It’s refreshing to see a series that embraces diversity and recognizes the importance of inclusivity in storytelling.

In an early episode, Kitty discovers parts of her mother’s past through old photographs, sparking both her curiosity and a personal journey of self-discovery. Kitty’s journey through her mother’s past is an engaging storyline since it adds emotional weight to the narrative over all the puppy love romance and allows for introspection and growth within the character. The plot line with Kitty exposing a secret also demonstrates the complexity of relationships and how there are sometimes relationships that she shouldn’t try to fix.

The soundtrack of “XO Kitty” is an interesting part that should be mentioned. The series features a specifically curated selection of music that complements the mood and enhances key moments in the story. The production decided to use quite a lot of trendy K-Pop music, bringing the Hallyu Wave even stronger into Western Netflix audiences. From upbeat and catchy tunes during lighthearted moments to emotional ballads during poignant scenes, the music adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the overall viewing experience. Furthermore, “XO Kitty” explores relevant themes and issues that resonate with a contemporary audience. The series touches on topics such as identity, grief, friendship, and the challenges of long-distance relationships. Through Kitty’s journey, viewers are prompted to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the digital age.

Overall, “XO Kitty” presents an intriguing plot with plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers engaged despite some corny moments. The show’s commitment to diversity and exploration of personal journeys make it worth a watch for those interested in coming-of-age stories with mystery and romance elements. While there is room for improvement, “XO Kitty” manages to deliver some compelling moments amidst its flaws.