Discover local summer hot spots


Photo courtesy Lizzie Misovec

Juniors Zo Singh and Lizzie Misovec explore Scott’s Run.

With the school year coming to a close, students are seeking fun spots to visit over the summer that are close to home. Options range from outdoor hikes to ice cream shops and all offer a memorable experience.

One of the best things about summer is going swimming – whether it’s at the pool, at a beach or even in local freshwater spots. Some popular outlets of the Potomac River include Riley’s Lock and Scott’s Run. Both sights include hiking trails and a destination with pretty views. It’s a perfect way to enjoy nature and escape the summer heat with a rewarding dip in cool water. There are also hikes with waterfalls in the area including Cunningham Falls and Great Falls. Junior Lindsey Mcney has visited local hiking trails with her friends and family and enjoys exploring new spots each summer. “I love going to Scott’s Run with my friends; there are always people setting up towels and speakers on rocks by the water and it’s always a lot of fun,” Mcney said.

A local hotspot for a refreshing treat is Carmen’s Italian Ice. The endless combinations of custard and italian ice guarantee you’ll find something enjoyable. There’s nothing better than ice cream on a hot summer day or evening. Students are often gathered around the tables outside of Carmen’s with friends – it’s a great place to hang out while having a refreshing treat. Senior Ella White enjoys Carmen’s weekly over the summer. “My summer swim team coaches and I go to Carmen’s every Wednesday and we love it,” White said.

Slightly farther, yet not out of reach is the Georgetown Flea Market. The Georgetown Flea Market occurs every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wisconsin Avenue and just North of S Street. A diverse crowd reflects the diverse collection of items the flea market has for sale. Items include art, antiques, furniture, clothing, jewelry, china, books and more. Senior Vanessa Rubin visits the flea market throughout the year with her friends and has found cool items she uses daily. “I got this necklace in the fall and I wore it for the entire season until I gave it to my friend as a gift. We always find something cool when we go and I recommend visiting sometime this summer,” Rubin said.

Social studies teacher Amy Buckingham recommends going to Beaver Dam Swim Club, a big outdoor facility in Cockeysville with lakes, quarries and ropes that people use to swing into the water. For a low price, visitors can explore the grounds and enjoy a local swimming spot that has been active since the 1930s. “There’s a big outdoor lake that’s called Beaver Dam that my kids have enjoyed with their swim teams in the past,” Buckingham said.

Take a visit to the state’s capital, Annapolis, known for waterfront dining, where restaurants serve signature crab dishes. The historic town is walkable, and a cool waterfront breeze accompanies visitors as they walk through streets with pubs, art galleries, boutiques, music venues and more. Along with leisure, there are informational places to visit in Annapolis due to its maintained historical atmosphere. The Maryland State House is open to visitors as well as the USNA Museum and the Hammond-Harwood House.

Maryland doesn’t have to be a “boring” state, you just have to seek out the hidden gems and local hotspots to enjoy with friends and family.