Summer job hunt has begun


Photo courtesy Mason Berk

Senior Mason Berk with his favorite camper at Camp Manitou where he works as a camp counselor every summer.

With summer here, students have a three-month break from school and time to relax, but some will choose to get jobs to get extra money and work experience. The application period is now.

One of the best options for students this summer is to work as a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard is an easy and accessible job that allows you to spend your whole summer outdoors. To become a lifeguard, you must complete a 20-hour CPR, first aid, and pool safety training course and apply to a local pool near you. Senior Ethan Kuan has been a lifeguard since freshman year and recommends all students work as one. “I have worked as a lifeguard for two different pools over the last three summers, and have enjoyed every second of it. If you are a student and are looking for a job, I would definitely recommend you try lifeguarding,” Kuan said.

For students who love spending their time with little kids, being a camp counselor is a great option. From sports camps to robotics camps, there are hundreds of different camps looking to hire for the summer. Being a camp counselor is easy and requires no extra training. For students who are still looking for SSL hours, many camps will give you the opportunity to get paid in SSL hours. Senior Parker Leibowitz spends his summers working for a daycare camp at Temple Beth Ami. “Working at Temple Beth Ami as a counselor has been perfect because it’s close to home and I enjoy spending time with the kids,” Leibowitz said.

If students are unsure what they want to do this summer, a great place to look is a local country club. They offer job opportunities such as cart girls, caddies, lifeguards, waiters and bag helpers, and are always looking for new workers. These jobs do require a little bit of training but offer a flexible schedule and good pay. Last summer junior Matthew Repie worked as a caddie at Congressional Country Club and had a great experience. “There were always lots of shifts open and the pay was really good,” Repie said.

Not all students have time to get a full-time job during the summer because of sports or other requirements. For these students, babysitting is a great option for a part-time job and will help make a little extra money. Junior Emerson Noble has spent two of her last three summers babysitting. “Babysitting was a great job for me over the summer because I could choose when I could work and it didn’t take up too much of my time,” Noble said.