New Takorean Korean Taco Grill opens in Kentlands

The sign of Takorean, the Korean taco grill opened on May 4th in the Kentlands.

Wikimedia Commons

The sign of Takorean, the Korean taco grill opened on May 4th in the Kentlands.

TaKorean, a Korean taco grill that offers Korean-style tacos and bowls, is taking over the recently-closed Nalley Fresh location at 261 Kentlands Blvd in Gaithersburg.

TaKorean is open from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.. The menu features a variety of slaws, bowls, salads, and tacos.
TaKorean also features a family meal kit and pantry, which includes a complete meal that serves four to six people with a choice of protein, tacos or rice, and slaw. It is great for families, small get-togethers, and leftovers. You can choose if you want a cook-it-yourself meal kit or a fully prepared hot meal. This includes lime crema, gochupow sauce, cilantro, sesame seeds, and crunchy shallots and you can add on cookies for dessert.

I walked in and was happily greeted by the staff with a warm smile along with an explanation of the menu.
The food, especially the protein such as chicken was flavorful and the customer service was helpful and welcoming. I really enjoyed the rice and customizing my own bowl with different toppings. I added kimchi and kale mix, and it tasted great.
Customers are able to choose from several different proteins and choose the toppings and sauces to go on top. They have pickled cabbage, kimchi pickles, pickled radish, some sort of kale mix and more.

Every Tuesday is TaKo Tuesday so you can get three tacos for $8.97 (or 1 for $2.99). Overall the prices are reasonable and three tacos and the bowls are the same price starting at $11.49. Kid’s meal prices begin at $7.95 and singular tacos start at $4.50.

The maintenance of the place was maintained well and the grill was constantly kept clean. The decorations inside were simple and had a white, yellow, and blue tile pattern throughout the grill. The grill has a counter service where customers go up and order what they would like.

Senior Carli Katz loves the food at Takorean. “I really enjoyed going there. It is extremely flavorful and delicious,” Katz said.

Junior Lily King went to Takorean and got Korean BBQ tacos. “I really enjoyed the customer service and the food,” King said.