Junior Nico D’orazio elected to MCR Council


Photo courtesy Feben Girma

Treasurer-Elect Nico D’orazio was elected at the MCR Board of Education meeting on May 26. “I started working with MCR in May of 2022 and have always has a passion a positive passion for creating change and MCR is a great way for me to pursue that,” D’orazio said.

Junior Nico D’orazio was elected as the student of the board for the Montgomery County Regional (MCR) Council at the MCR meeting Apr. 26. As the sole candidate running for treasurer, his win was to be expected and leaves students county-wide hopeful for his term.

After months of working closely with Student Members of the Board such as Arvin Kim, Sami Saeed, and Board of Education chairperson Lynne Harris, D’orazio’s presence within MCPS solidified his relationship and passion to lead with fervor. Friends and colleagues describe him as a whirlwind of ideas, always brimming with energy. “Nico will do an amazing job as his ethos and confidence will help in getting any job done,” senior Feben Girma said.

Prior to his election as treasurer, D’orazio maintained positive relationships with the SGA and worked to plan general assemblies, meeting with representatives from various schools and providing efficient methods to is a safe place for students to advocate for their interests and community. Senior Ulima Fofana, who’s worked with D’orazio in SGA and MCR said, “Nico would be excellent in MCR due to working efficiently with Lynne Harris as Board of Education and chiefs of staff.”

With a firm belief in the power of change, D’orazio has dedicated himself to first welcoming everyone to the world of MCR so that they may be actively involved and excited. “We spend a lot of time forming bonds with one another, and it solidifies our bonds and interest in MCR. I’m so excited to welcome everyone into our general assemblies, our general assemblies are open to everyone,” D’orazio said, adding that activities such as the “August advance are a great way to form important bonds.”

In his relentless pursuit of a better Montgomery County, D’orazio is keen on improving the “grant program to provide four rounds of grant allocations this year,” and he “hopes to increase MCR’s outreach this year so that we’re representing students form every part of the county,” D’orazio said.

D’orazio has set his sights on making changes to MCR’s priorities. D’orazio envisions a county that not only seeks county-wide change “but the change that can be made through friendships state-wide. Being able to see tangible change made and the power of the student voice is what drives me to pursuing this passion,” D’orazio said.