Students enjoy calming, inclusive senior picnic


Photo courtesy Josie Starr

Seniors Josie Starr and Danny Fitzgerald have fun at the senior picnic on May 12.

On May 12., students attended the senior picnic at Smokey Glen Farm. For the price of $15, students were promised a meal and a place to have a fun time, which the farm delivered.

On a nice sunny day, the farm offered students a plethora of activities ranging from playing mini golf to running a full game of basketball. The 91 acres allowed students to be versatile with their day, having something that everyone likes. It also had beautiful places, allowing students to take pictures.

The senior picnic serves as a final gathering for the class, providing an opportunity to be with friends in the final days as high school students. Students wear shirts reflecting what they are going to be doing after high school, with the different colored shirts emphasizing the different paths being taken.

The picnic began at 5 p.m. and was set to end at 9 p.m. Dinner was not ready at the beginning so students participated in the provided activities and socialized while waiting. When dinner was called, a line formed leading into the barn, as students were hungry.

When it came time to serve food, students were offered chicken as their main course. Veggie burgers were also provided for vegetarian students, allowing there to be food for everyone. There was also salad, apple sauce, and bread served. “The chicken was surprisingly good. I ended up cribbing at least three, a great source of protein,” senior Max Mirsky said.

Next dessert was pulled out. Students had their option of pie, capping off an enjoyable meal, making the $15 seem well worth it. “I think the price was not fair, because it favored us. $15 for a full meal and access to the farm seems worth more than $15,” senior Harel Sabag said.

The ticket price decreased from last year’s $25, although all the features remained the same. This is likely because this year’s senior class had more money saved up than last year, relieving some of the cost for students. “Each ticket costs more than $15 but as a class we paid for the rest of each student’s ticket,” senior treasurer Tyler Cosgrove said.

With all AP exams being done by the time of the picnic, students were free to fully relax at the picnic. “I finished all my AP exams so my classes are going to become calmer now, making it so I don’t have to worry about school during my weekend,” Mirsky said.

This would be the last official school event held off campus, besides prom, which occurred on May 20. The picnic was a calming experience, where students could do whatever they wanted.