10 things I hate about Wootton


Photo courtesy Sarah Nanos

Seniors Maya Gottesman, Caroline Carver, Ruth Dai, Sarah Nanos, Mia Nah, and Lauren Meyer wear their college shirts at the senior picnic.

I hate the classes I take, the ones that taught me what I know. I hate the fact that I know how to write argumentative essays and analyze literature. I hate that I know how to conduct hypothesis tests, calculate probability and what rights I have as a U.S. citizen. I especially hate how I know how to conduct my own research study. That definitely won’t help me in college and beyond.

I hate the Humanities and Arts program. I hate the people I’ve met, and the teachers who have built relationships with me. I hate the skills that I’ve learned, which include time management and work ethic. I hate the class celebrations and large projects that I’ve finished. I hate that I now have the ability to speak publicly. I hate my accomplishments made while in the program.

I hate Patriot Ambassadors and the English Honors Society. I hate that I had to help people and work events for school productions. I hate that I was able to help people with their English assignments, especially because I hate writing. I hate that I was able to see the school theater productions and organize the college fair. I hate that the principal helped me with my college essay while I was working on an event.

I hate the Common Sense newspaper. I hate writing articles and designing my own page for the magazine. I hate working with talented writers. I hate the fact that I have learned a variety of different topics, and I hate that I have shed light on serious issues occurring in the community. I really, really hate the fact that I want to pursue a journalism career.

I hate sports events. I hate how everyone dresses up for school spirit. I hate how loud everyone cheers, especially when the team scores a point. I hate watching the Poms team and cheerleaders perform. I hate the food the BBQ Club serves – it tastes too good. I hate that my last Friday night football game was this year.

I hate going to homecoming and prom. I hate that everyone dressed up for spirit days. I hate how people dressed as Minions and wore togas. I hate wearing a dress and getting my nails and hair done. I hate taking pictures at the Lincoln Memorial and eating at a nice restaurant with my friends. I hate dancing with everyone, and I especially hate that I got to ride in a limo this year.

I hate being a senior. I hate the events we’ve had, such as the senior picnic and sunrise. I hated creating a tie-dye shirt over the summer. I hate my senior yearbook photo. My hair looks too good in it. I hate senior skip days. Those are the worst. I hate that I’m going to be done with high school.

I hate the teachers I’ve had over the years. I hate that they care about my well-being and mental health. I hate that they’ve shaped my perspectives on the world. I hate their kindness, and that they talk to me about mundane subjects. I hate their lessons, which have taught me academic skills, as well as knowledge that will get me far in life. I hate that I’ll miss them.

I hate the people I’ve met here. I hate that I’ve made friendships that will last me a lifetime. I hate that I’m able to interact with students who are different from me. I hate that I’ve bonded with others through shared interests and clubs. I hate my best friends – and worse, that I have to leave them.

But mostly I hate the way that I don’t hate Wootton. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.