Signing day celebrates student athletes


Photo by Erik Kleinbussink

Senior Jordan Kelly celebrates signing to the University of Louisville swimming with his family.

Signing day celebrates student-athletes

Out of all the student-athletes here, only a few decide to keep pursuing their athletic careers to the next level. On May 6, nine athletes celebrated their accomplishments by officially signing with their college to play at the collegiate level. Signing day took place in the media center where each athlete got to sign their college contracts in front of friends, family, and coaches.

The day was filled with pictures and speeches from the players, coaches, and others, along with lots of food and refreshments, including a huge cake celebrating the athletes. After the signing, the athlete and their family got pictures taken repping the college’s gear. “I think this was a great moment not just for me but also for my family. I have put in a lot of hard work to get to this point but so have my parents and it was really special to celebrate with them,” said senior Ryan Kunst.

Signing day proved to be a successful day all around, with all the athletes getting to celebrate the way they wanted, and families getting to see how far their kids have come. “I thought signing day went very well for myself and others. It was nice celebrating with all the other athletes and congratulating them on their accomplishments as well. The event was very well planned with lots of food, drinks and activities for friends and family,” senior Jordan Kelly said.

Nine athletes signed up for colleges for sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, swimming, diving, and wrestling.

Peter Stanton-Shepherd- Muhlenberg College Basketball
Aydin Erkan- University of Massachusetts Swimming
Jordan Kelly- Louisville Swimming
Daniel Clark- Pennsylvania College of Technology Wrestling
Josh Erd- New Jersey Institute of Technology Baseball
Anya Sander- Rochester Institute of Technology Girls’ Soccer
Matthew Serrano- Waynesburg College Boys’ Soccer
Karen Potts- Case Western Reserve University Softball
Aidan Wang- Princeton University Dive


Signing day is also a way to show the younger classes where their hard work can get them one day. Current underclassmen got to see what this event is all about and motivate them to also be in that same situation one day. “I hope one day I will be able to be sitting on the table and sign with a college but I know I have a lot of work to do in order to accomplish my goal,” said freshman Zach King.